Why Self Publishers Should Consider Print on Demand Strategy

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You’re looking for a publisher but are unsure which one you should choose. Should you try print on demand for your first book? Or should you publish several copies of your book at once and hope for the best?

Print on demand is becoming increasingly popular among self-publishers for many reasons. This print strategy allows you to maximize your potential profit from book sales. You will not have to worry about your book becoming obsolete and you being left with a large quantity of unsold copies. You can hold printing until someone orders a copy of the book.

What are the advantages of print on demand strategy?

Reduce risks. Self-publishers usually start small. This means that they shoulder all costs related to the book distribution. If you’re like this, you need to be wiser than ever in making decisions. You can’t gamble your capital at once. Everyone hopes that their book sales will be high but this is not the case every time. If your book turns out to be a bestseller, you can always produce more copies as necessary. However, if sales turn out opposite of what you’re expecting, then at least you will not have to deal with unsold copies sitting in your storage room. This brings us to the next advantage of POD.

Eliminate need for storage space.  Printers today also offer storage services. You will not have to request for all printed copies to be delivered at home. You also need not look for a document storage you can rent in Singapore. The printer can take care of storing copies for you. This means you can enjoy a one-stop solution for your printing needs. The printing company will help you in planning and managing your inventory as well so you can free yourself of additional storage costs.

Let the printer fulfil orders for you. No longer will orders have to pass through you before they get fulfilled. The printing company can serve as the fulfillment centre and  deliver the book straight to the recipient. The customer service team will even take care of order fulfillment inquiries on your behalf.  You get to put your mind at ease and focus on other areas you need to work on. Printing and selling your book can be accomplished without you guarding the process round the clock. You can ensure that the parcel is delivered in perfect condition as the printing company is also experienced when it comes to handling shipments.

The best thing about POD is that you will not have to monitor sales so you can invest for printing another set of books.  The supply chain is managed by the printing company as well, which means you can just sit back and relax.

It’s beneficial if you will choose an Asian printer whose headquarter sits on a strategic location. You may want to look out for printing companies in Singapore as this country serves as a premier distribution hub not just in Asia but in neighbouring regions as well. Don’t be afraid to ask for more information from the printing company. It’s for your book after all and you want only the best printing solution.