Why a Batch Job Processing is Better

managed file transfer

It could be another day at work and you do have a lot of things scheduled to be accomplished with your team. There are the meetings, the note takings, the emails, and the phone calls. But it doesn’t matter if there are a lot of things you need to do. You know you can finish them within the prescribed period. Moreover, if you are fortunate enough, you can get them done fast in a day!


Some may think that you are pretty talented if you indeed can do that, right? Well, we can say that not really talented, but probably just creative at doing things and getting them done by category. Say, doing them and ranking their priority by batch per job. This prioritization can be done in one of the basic office jobs:  sharing of files.


You see, a managed file transfer not only saves time, it also makes storage and retrieval really fast and convenient.  But it is just one technique you can do in order to be able to always be on time. You know how it is in the office: everything seems to be running in a domino type of relationship. Things are done in a chain of time frame!


So, what do you need to do? Set a schedule for everything! You know how much job scheduling can do wonders for you, right? But don’t worry, there are already programs that can help you with this. But you cannot just pick tasks to do without being organized about it. Because if not, your paper works would just clutter your desk. And believe it or not, a cluttered desk may add up to work anxiety. Thus, being efficient gives you a good chance at not only feeling more relaxed at work but being more productive, too.


Not just that, there are other ways for you to manage other jobs at hand as well.

For instance, you can classify tasks according to urgency. The most urgent gets to be done first. Or depending on the authority level of approvers if you are doing a report or a request.


You see, the higher the level of the approvers or your papers are, the longer time your paper might be with them. This means that if you need to work within a prescribed time, you need to allocate longer periods for them. Do them first. This way, you can give yourself some extra time for any other corrections.


So, after you have classified your task per category you wish to use, set how long you are going to work for them or further set schedules for them.


This way, no matter what, you will free yourself from other distractions because you have set to finish a specific number of tasks per day.


Aside that it helps give you a feeling of fulfillment after you are able to finish them, you are also able to get a load off your work at once.


All you need to do is to set goals then keep focus on getting them done. At first, it can be really challenging, but once you get the hang of it, you can do it faster every time.