Where Are The Best Locations For Buying A Property In Thailand?

Blessed with majestic temples, rich cultural history, stunning landscapes/seascapes and a friendly population; no wonder Thailand is a tourism gem in so many ways. This tropical nation off the coast of Southeast Asia has a diverse identity of picturesque islands in the south and urbanized metro on the north. The nearly 15 million tourist arrivals per year is a testament that it is one of the most popular destinations not only in Asia but in the entire world.

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With all these fantastic reasons, quite a number of these tourists are so in love with everything Thailand has to offer that they ultimately decided to buy a little piece of this paradise on this side of the earth. For the past few decades, there is a sudden rise of foreigners opting to purchase on the flourishing Thailand property market for their personal or business plans. However, the difference lies on the location of their target property due to various reasons. Each immigrants has their own preference of where to put up their rest house or summer place. So if you are quite sure already or still deciding of getting your own slice of heaven in this country, let me guide you through in choosing the best spot among the several wonderful destinations across the archipelago.

bangkokBangkok – being the capital city of the country has always the edge among all the other places when you are buying property in Thailand. The “city of angels” offers the balance of rustic vibe of ancient Siam and the modern ambiance of shopping, dining, entertainment and other activities you can experience on a cosmopolitan city. Getting a condo on a high rise building with a stunning view of the city skyline are a hit among prospected buyers.

PattayaPattaya – With its close proximity to Bangkok, the resort city of Pattaya is the next popular area to expand your Thailand investment property, with a record of 66% of development launches last 2007, it is expected that the growth of properties in this area had risen through the years.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai – The expats choice for its temperate climate and less busy lifestyle, Chiang Mai is just an hour away from Bangkok via plane. Aside from its average weather and quieter atmosphere, foreigners are favouring to reside here because of the relatively low cost of living but the place still has the basic amenities to cater their needs like world class hospitals, impressive dining and decent movie theatres.

Koh Samui temple

Koh Samui – The lovely and captivating southern island of KohSamui is another popular destination among foreigners buying property in Thailand. With its year round tropical weather, astonishing beaches, affordable costs, an active nightlife and a whole lot of other attractions, KohSamui can capture the hearts and senses of every expat that will visit this one of a kind place. Recent records shows that a sea view building plots can cost only £14,000, and studio apartments monthly rents start at £24,000.

With a lot more islands to choose from, looking for that dream location of your property abroad most especially in Thailand will never be a challenge at all. Just research, compare the prices, and seek assistance from agents and lawyers to fix all the papers needed and you’re good to go.