What to Look for When Buying a Samsung Phone in Singapore?

Samsung is considered as one of the largest South Korean business conglomerate. It is not just a leading phone brand but also a leader in technology innovation. Because of its vast services, Samsung Electronics, one of its subsidiaries became the world’s largest information technology company last 2012.

Samsung always amused us with new technologies with its invade of smartphones in the market. Since its launched of Galaxy line series back in 2009, Samsung has been improving the smart experience in mobile computing and as expected, Samsung lately revealed its Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Samsung phones are really packed with new things that will give you a headache to which mobile phone is really your type, style, need, and features that you want to have. Therefore in order to ease up the pain, I will give you some tips what to look for when buying a Samsung phone and also to help you with your budget do check out Samsung phone price in Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Philippines here.
samsung phone price in Singapore
There are four key areas that you need to consider when buying a Samsung phone: the design, camera, network, and security.

Design is very important if you do not want to spoil your fashion. There are Samsung phone that employs well in design and basically will suit your style even if you are engaged in different activities. Like for example, Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is a waterproof alternative to Samsung Galaxy S4. Its design is very rugged and robust designed for people who might want to take it for a dip in the sea or out for a rock climb. This Samsung phone has a 8-megapixel camera which has an Aqua mode to improve the image quality underwater. Various Samsung phones also exhibit the same curvy, plastic look just like Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and might as well have stylish and sleeky feel that will make you have Samsung Galaxy Note series. If you want a phone that looks like a less plastic because generally some Samsung phones are made from polycarbonate plastic, maybe you can have the texture similar to the faux leather used in Galaxy Note 3. However, you can always changed the style and look of your Samsung phone because you can add perforated pattern to the back cover and offering the phone with different colors like electric blue and copper gold in addition to the old style black and white.

Camera is one of the key features today that is regarded as a gem for social media fanatics like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It is very important because camera is used to capture the best life’s experiences and moments that will define every pixel in the photo. Yes, a 16-megapixel camera is just like a needle in the haystack which Galaxy S5 possess. It rules over Galaxy S4’s 13-megapixel camera but there are some variations of S4 that has a 16-megapixel camera just like Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom which is a cross between Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and Samsung Galaxy Camera. This phone has 10x optical zoom to get up close from afar and you will still get great quality photos. There are also waterproof camera just like a while ago the 8-megapixel Aqua mode camera of Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. Samsung understands that every pixel counts so that is the reason why they reduced the time it takes the camera to autofocus thus, you won’t have to miss any shots and will prevent from having a blur because of its Selective Focus. In addition, Samsung Galaxy S5, has an interface now that has photo editing features such as eraser, drama shot and best face, into a single function called Shots and More. That is the reason why, many people loves posting photos in Instagram because of this wonderful camera that Samsung phones possess.

I guess, I know what you are thinking, maybe someone will ask, why network is such a criteria to look for a Samsung phone? Technically, we are in the age of transferring of more data at the same time in the internet. Today, the Samsung phone that is equipped with an exceptional wireless technology that allows faster download is Samsung Galaxy S5 because it is the first smartphone to introduce 802.11ac Wi-Fi with 2X3 MIMO (Multiple-input and Mulitple-output). It is three time faster than Galaxy S4. Moreover, it has a feature called Download Booster that will let you use LTE and Wi-FI simultaneously so you won’t have to wait a longer time downloading videos in the internet.

To provide Samsung phone an extra protection in case that it is stolen or misplaced, Samsung now offers a fingerprint scanner through Samsung Galaxy S5. Although it is not the typical iPhone 5s that is built into the home button, rather, you swipe your finger on the bottom of the screen.

It is also important to note that Samsung has many improvements in their phone not only in these areas. There are also enhancement in power-saving mode that will definitely save almost 20 percent of your battery life, the browser, messaging, and even health and fitness are also necessary features that you need to look for a Samsung phone.