What Good Can Solar Films do?

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The scorching heat of the sun that passes through our windows contain UV rays and other harmful pollutants that may cause serious damage to us when exposure is prolonged. What most people do those is just put curtains or blinders to somehow regulate the problem. “Windows play a significant role in regulating heat and energy in your home. According to the EPA Energy Star Buildings Manual in the United States, approximately one-third of an average home’s utility bills are wasted by heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer through untreated windows,” shared northamerica.llumar.com in its article titled Control Heat and Glare.

For those who find the practice of putting blinders or curtains on windows quite too traditional and old fashioned and would rather want to leave the windows bare, the alternative way to control heat without masquerading your beautiful windows is through the use of solar films. Ellie Maclin who wrote Pros and Cons of Solar Fim for Home Windows for sciencing.com shared the true uses of this product, “Solar window films were designed to control problems, mostly excess heat and fading from ultraviolet light exposure, caused by direct sunlight through home or office windows. These films are considered ‘retrofit’ products that alter existing after-market windows and circumvent the need for new, upgraded window units. Window films provide the best return-on-investment in existing buildings in warm climates, especially high-rise buildings or homes with single-paned glass, according to the International Window Film Association.”

Even people in the science and technology field highly recommend utilizing this technology, “It is highly advisable that every home with single-paned glass and high-rise buildings to consider mounting solar film for their windows especially here in Singapore where it is always sunny and there are times of the year when the heat can be really damaging to the skin and the eyes. Do not think that this is one of those extra and unnecessary expenses you need to buy just for decorative purposes, in fact, solar film for windows can even make you save more. How so you ask? Well, for us who live in tropical countries, it goes without saying that we spend quite an amount to have a good air-conditioned system. When the heat is too unbearable, it is more likely that we will spend more time indoors and would use the air-conditioning for longer hours and at a cooler degree. But, if you have something to control the heat build up, the lesser times we are likely to use cooling system at home or the office because the sun’s heat is regulated by the solar film. Ergo, you save on electricity consumption,” simplified and explained by Engr. Marco Cuesta who has always advocated the use of solar film for home and office windows in his home country Singapore

Polyester films can absorb and reradiate long-wave infrared heat, improving heat retention in the winter and lowering energy costs. Others reflect heat to the outside, minimizing summer heat — reducing central air conditioning bills and prolonging the life of heating, ventilation and air conditioning units. The same films can reduce glare and block up to 99 percent of harmful UV radiation from entering a home or office. The newest solar films have the capacity to be clear instead of tinted and can block out as much as 55 percent of summer heat while retaining heat in winter,” further wrote Ellie Maclin who comprehensively discussed the true benefits of solar films in his article.