What Experts Say About Bunion Surgery

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Probably one of the most important part of our body, that we usually take for granted are our feet. We overwork our feet every day while going to work, going on vacation and even more so while engaging in different outdoor sports. The sad part of this is we sometimes forget to pamper them like how we pamper our hands, face and the other parts of our body. Normally, we only take care of our toe nails, but not our feet as a whole. Taking care of our feet should also be part of our daily routine and our lifestyle. We only notice them when we feel something wrong or when something hurts already.

Checking our feet regularly is a good habit and having them checked by a specialist should be emphasised. These foot specialists are called podiatrists who are experts in all conditions affecting our feet. They are well trained in recognizing, diagnosing and treating diseases of the foot. They can also give medical advises to their patients on how to prevent foot diseases and how to take care of their feet properly.

One of the most debilitating and hard to treat foot disease is a bunion, prevalent in Singapore. This is the protrusion and enlargement of the first joint of the big toe. There are a myriad of causes but if left untreated, it can lead to pain and discomfort while walking. Patients who suffer from this disease have to choose a different set of shoes because their regular shoes will cause pain. This is debilitating because it causes a lot of pain that someone who has it will have a difficulty in ambulating. The problem with this disease is it is always neglected at first until it is already huge.

Once this is already big and debilitating, the best treatment will be a bunion surgery, here in Singapore. There are foot specialists here and are easily accessible. The clinics are strategically located in different areas in the country in order to reach more patients with foot problems. These clinics have the best podiatrists and are equipped with state of the art facilities in treating bunions. They have the best team of medical personnel that are specialised in foot care.

Some small bunions are first treated with conservative management like changing the foot wear, application of creams and ointments and physical rehabilitation. But once these are already big and once conservative management fail, experts already advise surgery. It is done in the operating room under sterile conditions and the bunions are removed surgically. It is a fast, easy and safe procedure done by the experts. Both the short term and long term effect of treatment is excellent. With the use of prescribed foot wear, diet and exercise, the recurrence rate is minimal. That is why according to podiatrists, having the bunion removed surgically is the most effective way of treatment, especially for the big ones that already cause distortion of the anatomy of the foot.

Taking care of our feet is a must. Have your feet checked regularly especially when you notice something is wrong, in order to avoid progression of any foot disease. Surgery is the only option for advanced diseases in order to restore the health of our feet. In order to avoid excruciating pain and discomfort, always take care of your feet. Bear in mind always that prevention is still better than cure.