What Crane Owners Need to Know

As huge and as grand as the crane itself, its immeasurable importance in the construction business, as well as other commercial and industrial areas like container shipping by sea, can never be undermined. “Cranes play an integral role in the construction industry. These machines are used to lift, move, lower and raise the objects. Cranes have become the most essential and important mechanism in construction sites. Cranes which works normally works with hoist, chains, ropes, wires and sheaves are not only fast but they make the work easier and faster for the projection of work. Working in construction sites has always been considered as hazardous, Thanks to the innovation and technological development that working on these site with the help of machines have eased the life of labours,” wrote a wordpress crane blogger under the pseudonym Ali Akber and Sons.

And it is no wonder that construction businesses who owns different kinds of cranes are willing to invest even with costly crane maintenance services just to ensure that their vehicles are always in good conditions, “ Yearly, I make sure all my crane mobiles undergo check up in one of my trusted crane maintenance company in Singapore. This also helps us be certain that no untoward event will happen in the construction site while work is in progress. The responsibility of taking care of the cranes is not something we take lightly,” shared Engr. Hong Que, a long-time construction business owner who just recently acquired another overhead crane to take in more construction projects in downtown Singapore.

And aside from the vehicle itself, one has to make sure that the operator is skilled and trained enough to be in commando of such a big construction vehicle, “The operator of a crane must be very accurate, as he controls very heavy items while a crew on the ground assists. Even the smallest mistake can cause serious damage or even a loss of life,” shared Alex Green in his online article titled  How Important is the Usage of Cranes in Construction?

As an owner of crane units, it is relevant that one knows specifically how to maximize the usage of this loading and unloading equipment to its their fullest potential.  Hemelsion Engineering (an engineering firm based in Singapore since 1993) for instance, markets its crane services on a very specific manner that such strategy makes client trust the quality of its work through detailing what it actually does right at its company website, “Helmsion Monorail Hoist Crane systems are designed and tailor made to suit any condition and site of application. The cranes are designed and manufactured strictly in accordance to European Standard considering adequate factor of safety and complying with appropriate duty of classifications. The capacity for the crane according to requirement can range from 100 Kg to 20000 Kg.” As a construction company, such specification and ability to utilize such equipment in its real essence and fullest capability make the purchase of the mobile construction unit worthwhile and  sensible. Similarly, would-be clients are not likely to have any confusions, doubts, or second thoughts as to whether they are coming to the right company for their construction or shipping needs as they know right away what the crane unit can specifically offer.