What are the Best Flowers to Use for Different Occasions?

When you can’t say it with anything else, say it with flowers! Flowers are the best way to convey a message, brighten up a space and add ambiance to any event. Truly, it’s so refreshing to attend an event wherein the organizers have carefully curated a selection of flowers that will add a different kind of pizzazz to the room

Did you know, however, that there may be flowers that are better suited for some events than others? While of course it is great to think out of the box and try your hand at creating one-of-a-kind centerpieces and accents for the room or event you are dressing up, there are some flowers that you may need to think twice before purchasing.

For example, if you’re holding a cocktail party, select shorter flowers as centerpieces for the table. This will allow for people to schmooze with one another, and too-large centrepieces will not hinder important conversation or small talk. Some flowers that are great for cocktail parties are short-cut roses, mums, and daisies.

For sit-down dinners with a large number of people, you can opt to go with short centerpieces too, or go sky-high! Arrangements made with flowers that look naturally graceful when arranged from a height make for an amazing statement. It’s also a win because conversation won’t be hindered too. Flowers perfect for this are various types of orchids paired with light filler flowers and leaves, or even thin branches in vases.

Weddings are one type of event that makes use of a lot of flowers, and it’s no wonder—the right selection of flowers can easily fit with a wedding’s theme, whether it’s traditional and elegant or quirky and wonderful. Usually, brides like to choose flowers that have some significance to them. Your florist can help you choose favorite flowers in various colors, or even lightly dye them to fit your theme. Flowers traditionally used in church weddings are of the pure and elegant variety: roses, tulips, lilies and the like. However, those who want to add more color into their weddings choose accent flowers in vibrant hues of purple, pink, red and yellow. Some brides opt to have pure white arrangements for their church wedding, while reserving the colored arrangements for the reception.

On a more sombre note, it is also appropriate to send flowers to funerals. In this case, it is always best to keep white. Flowers given are usually chrysanthemums or carnations. White orchids may even be acceptable in some instances. When in doubt, always check with your florist! They will be able to offer very useful advice on the type of flowers you need for any event, and work with the budget you have.