Vintage Fashion Items Buying Guide

Buying vintage clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories have a lot of advantages. You can own designer items for cheaper prices and you can also get items that are rare finds. Great thing is that there are a lot of second hand shops and thrift stores you can find where you can purchase vintage items. If it will be your first time to buy vintage fashion items or you need some tips to score great items from the thrift store, below will be your guideline.

Figure out where to shop

Although you can buy luxury vintage bags or clothing items on different shops, it is still better if you have a go-to shop that is worth your trust and money. Keep in mind that although it is great to have a lot of vintage shops available, not all of these shops sell items that are still in great quality and have reasonable prices. Choose a shop that offers wide range of fashion items that are affordable and are still worth it to buy. If you have friends who also love buying vintage items, you can ask them for shop recommendations or you can read reviews about the shop before purchasing an item from them.

Browse the products

The number of items that you can find from a thrift store or online second hand shops can be overwhelming. It can be hard for you to choose what to purchase because you might want to buy a lot of items. If you want to buy vintage clothing in Singapore it is recommended for you to browse as much products as you can. The reason behind this is that you might regret your purchase once you stumbled upon items that are better than what you have already ordered. Make sure that you are already decided before purchasing anything from the shop.

Consider the price

Even though the prices of the second hand fashion items such as authentic pre owned designer handbags are already cheaper than the brand new ones, you still need to consider the price of the item that you will be purchasing. Make sure that the price is reasonable considering its condition. If you are not looking for a specific item and just want to find out what you can buy from the shop, it will be better if you set a budget for it so that you will not end up overspending. You can also compare prices from other shops if they are also selling the similar item but don’t compromise the quality and condition of the item just for a cheaper price.

Know the details

Knowing the details about the clothing item or vintage bags for sale that you are planning to purchase is one of the things you shouldn’t overlook. You have to know as much details as you can especially if you are buying the item online. Read the information of the product carefully especially about its condition so that you would not be disappointed or regret your purchase once you receive it. Look at the photos carefully and ask questions if you have any. Don’t rush into buying the item but sometimes it is important to decide immediately because it might be the only piece left.

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