Top 4 Gadgets To Give This Mother’s Day

Who says gadgets and other electronic devices are for fathers only, while moms would most likely receive the usual flowers and sweets. At this day and age where we are getting more modern and digital each day, these gadgets don’t require any gender anymore. It won’t require age even. So to put a smile to our loving techie mothers, what are some of the top gadgets to give on her special day?

1) Flat Screen TV

Gone are the days of big television. If your mom loves to spend her rest days being a couch potato and watching her favorite drama series or cooking show, then this could be a perfect choice. Flat Screen TVs are more light and thin and relatively looks better when displayed at home. Their screens provide better quality and high resolution. When choosing a flat screen TV, be familiar with its three types: Plasma TV, LCD TV, LED TV. Compare its contrast ratios and lastly test how it handles fast motion.

2) Smart Phones

This is for the techie moms who can adapt easily to smart phones and its more complicated functions and apps. Not only are mobile phones best to connect with your mom anytime, they can also come handy even with their basic features like the organizer and browser. For some on a tight budget, they prefer to buy abroad as certain countries sell them cheap as compared to their local currency / price. Some go for Asian countries and would buy mobile phone Singapore or China while some also buy in the Middle East.

3) Ebook Readers

If your mom is a book worm and loves to read a lot, then encourage her to go digital and have an option of reading aside from the usual hard bound.  Usually Ebooks (or electronic books) are accessible or readable on devices like tablet or smart phones, although it can also be read through computers. The popularity of ebook contributed to one of the latest apple product that was released then which is the iPad tablet. It may be considered as a flagship for the said device. When choosing an Ebook, be sure to consider its content type and the document formats they support; it is also important to check the memory or storage as it will determine the amount of good books you’ll get to read; also check the display and battery life to complete the easy reading experience.

4) Speaker Docks

For music lover moms, this can greatly bring a smile to their faces. Aside from the fact that their hearings aren’t as clear as when they’re younger, speakers also provide better sound quality. The usual speakers back then would come big and would be connected to the stereo, but with the fast rising number of portable music device users, a speaker dock would be the best bet. When choosing a speaker dock, be aware of its different types: Portable, Stereo System and Alarm Clock; check its sound quality and frequency; test the dock’s connectivity; the weight, design, and battery life; lastly the brand.