Top 3 Singapore Extreme Sports

Singaporeans are naturally inclined on engaging in active lifestyle activities and it has become evident with the abundance of sports and recreational facilities available for everyone’s use – both local and foreign. The locals, in general, participate in range of sports, be it indoor, outdoor and the extremes. Some of the popular and most played sports in the country are football, cricket, basketball and the likes.

Three years back, in London, the country bagged the gold award at the International Sports Event Management’s ‘World’s Best Sport City Award’ with London and Dussledorf getting the silver and bronze awards respectively. Winning the ISEM award is just one of the fruits of the government’s efforts to promote sports in Singapore locally and internationally.

With the country being recognized as one of the best sports hubs in the region, it is not surprising at all that extreme sports are present and actively participated by enthusiasts from all over the world. Are you into extreme sports? In this article, we will discuss four sports and recreational activities that will definitely challenge your adrenaline rush.


1. Skydiving

Although the Singapore prohibits aerial sports within its prime airspace, the neighbour state of Johor is where skydiving activities are usually done. Run by Daniel Lee, a former armed force skydiver, the Sky Dive Singapore offers this sport to those who would like to try it while in the Little Red Dot. The organization provides support and instructions on two skydiving types: tandem dives and accelerated free fall.

You would sure bet that there’s no sport that could be on par with skydiving with regard to challenging one’s adrenaline rush. The feeling of jumping out a plane and reaching the earth surface with a speed of up to 200 miles per hour is just an experience one should conquer.


2. ParaMotoring

A form of paragliding boosted by a motor, para-motoring is probably next to skydiving in the ranks of extreme sports in Singapore. The particular sport is offered by Skyads, a company owned by a para-motoring enthusiast, Max Ng. The company has been in the business for eight years now and has been flying the coasts of Malaysia and Indonesia.

What makes this sport standout as Max would say is the breathtaking view of the two countries’ shoreline while in the sky, along with the sport being relatively cheaper than sky diving.


3. Bossaball

Unlike the first two sports, bossaball is not an aerial sport and not a mainstream kind of ball game. The game is commonly played in European countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Portugal and Romania. The game originated in Spain and now being played by locals of Singapore as well.

Bossaball is often described as a hybrid of gymnastics and two ball games, soccer and volleyball. It is played in a giant inflated court with installed trampolines at the centre. If you are a lover of volleyball or soccer, then bossaball might not sound that tough to you anymore. The sport is currently organized by Bossaball Singapore, a sporting club.


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