Tipsters and Tipster Competition Promos: Explained

Singapore’s betting industry is slowly thriving. And within its thriving industry, there are people earning money. In any type of betting, there are experts on the field to help you make accurate betting predictions. They can be someone who has a keen knowledge about the market, or a reputable analysts. With that, many sites today were established to cater to the needs of every gambler: to make money. Tipser sites emerged to give you the most accurate insights about esports betting on CSGO, LoL, Overwatch, and  DotA 2. Apart from the insights, they’re also here to give you the most generous Tipster competition promotions!


Tipsters As Guides

Tipsters are persons, group of persons, or website that provide insights and advice for esports, sports betting, or any other market where results need to be predicted in order to win money. They all have insights to give when it comes to upcoming esports matches, mostly revolving around the possibility of your favored team winning or losing the game.

Specifically and to say it simply, Tipsters are professional esports enthusiasts, so your bet is safe with them. If you’re still a newbie, it doesn’t hurt to seek out tipsters to help you and guide you on your betting journey. They will give you analysis and statistics, as well as betting odds and tips.

Two Types of Tipsters

There are two types of Tipsters existing today: Insiders and Analysers. The insiders are tipsters that have a close relationship to one of the competitors (or any other person that is part of the game) and have behind-the-scenes knowledge regarding the event as compared to others with limited access. These tipsters are known to have statistically certain data, predictions, and statistics.

The next type of Tipster, the analyser, is a statistical guru and can use Mathematics like a genius. They have a good reasoning about the set of probabilities that need to be analyzed. The analyzer’s value as an advisor is different than the insider as his answers and advice are rooted from data and facts, not first hand account from competitors and people within the industry.

Tipster Competition
Tipster online competition promotions are used by these betting companies to promote betting sites and acquire new tipsters on top of their pool. Their goal is to provide a good environment for all types of bettors, hence the tipster competition. So if you’re an analyser or an insider, you can join these competitions to promote your name and to earn money. You can even turn it into business, and help bettors earn money in return from bookmakers and betting exchange sites.