Tips to Designing Custom Soccer Jersey Singapore Artwork for Printing

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Thinking of having a custom jersey printed for an upcoming event?

Before getting yourself busy looking for a reliable printer in Singapore, the first thing that you need to do is plan your design.

When you have a design that registers well on fabric once printed, then you can keep peace of mind that the final product would turn out as you’ve hoped for. However, if the design is poorly planned to begin with, chances are you wouldn’t like the final product.

Not everyone is blessed with design skills. But you can still ensure you’re going the right way for your artwork by taking note of a few reminders. Here are tips every custom soccer jersey Singapore printing company would love for you to know.


Pay attention to your color palette.

It’s fun picking out colours you want for your colour scheme. However, this is among the most crucial part of the design planning stage.

Limit your choices as ink colours available for print are not as varied as that you see in your design software.

To be sure, you might want to inquire from the jersey printing Singapore company if the colours your graphic design requires are available.

Avoid choosing the same graphic colour as your shirt.

Should you go for a design that comes with the same colour as the shirt, keep in mind that these areas will result to negative space. If that is your intention, then that would be fine. But if not, you need to rethink your choice of shirt colour or colour scheme for your artwork.

Study text readability.

If it’s about sports jersey printing Singapore, you’d want to ensure that the text is highly visible or easily readable even from a distance.

Colours can be a lot different from your computer screen to actual prints. Observe stark contrast when choosing a shirt colour and planning colours for your artwork.

If your team wants to go for a lighter shirt colour, skip pastel colours such as light pink or purple for your design. Instead, go for a darker colour or make sure that the text is highlighted. This will make the print more readable.

Print graphic designs in actual size.

Balance is the key when designing print for your custom jersey.  For this, you can take out an ordinary shirt and use a ruler. This way, you can ensure that the graphic design does not overwhelm the canvass.

Create mock-ups in advance.

Go to a Singapore printing company that can produce prints in small quantities. This way, you can verify if your graphic design works or you would need to alter few details.

Set your mind that you might not be able to create the perfect jersey print in one go. This requires a process which would be a lot easier when you team up with a professional jersey printer.

Customized jersey printing in Singapore is made easier by reputable printers. These are companies willing to assist you in improving your artwork and suggest ways to make the project fit within your budget without setting aside quality.

Don’t forget to check out company portfolio. And most important, use the tips above to make your artwork design process more efficient!