Tips on Hosting Outdoor Events

Hosting occasions that are supposed to be held outdoors can be stressful knowing that several factors can affect the turnout of the event. Whether is a simple birthday party for your kid, a reception for a wedding, a sporting event, or a small gathering of friends, relatives, or colleagues, there are several things to consider to make sure nothing can get in the way of successfully carrying out an open-air affair.

Here are some things to consider and helpful tips that can help you in planning the best outdoor event in your life.

  • Think of the Logistics: Are there any specific equipment that this outdoor event will need? For instance, big speakers for a birthday party to be held in your home garden. Think about how long will it take for people to unload the equipment and how much space it will take up so you can easily manage where to put certain things. Will you be needing to place it near a socket? Will you need extension cords? How about tables, chairs, and microphones? These things seem to be small but you need to be a forward thinker and anticipate the need for this stuff to avoid hosting a big outdoor disaster.


  • Forget not the Banners and signage: If this is quite a big event, it is likely that you will be needing a banner or a small signage as sort of a “ welcome wagon” for your attendees. “As an efficient cost-saving tip,” says Joan Mira of Singapore, “choose to print the name of the event on a tarpaulin. After the party, you can recycle the material and use it for something else. This way, nothing is wasted.” Banners and signage are important in outdoor events so that guests are assured that they are in the right place especially if most of the attendees are not familiar with the venue. People also like taking pictures with banners as their backdrops so you will ready need to put this on your list of things to do.


  • Serve Food Good For Outdoor Events: Some tropical pineapple, orange, or watermelon juices are apt for outdoor events especially on a very sunny weather. Barbecues and other food ready for grilling can also be ideal for al fresco affairs like this. It may also be fun to make the dining experience a buffet style so guests can freely get the food they like whenever and just freely move around the venue. By doing so, you are ensured of a very casual and relaxed environment where no confused waiters are roaming around.

  • Consider the weather on the day of the occasion: As this is an outdoor event, expect that the weather can be unpredictable. While a scattered drizzle on the day of the event was reported on TV, the scorching heat of the sun can also make your guests uncomfortable. Sia Perez, a homemaker in Singapore who often hosts parties in her backyard knows just what to do on events like this, “It is a good thing that my husband has purchased our house with a big gazebo outside.   The place can hold at least 15 pax so for small events, I just do it there. The good thing about outdoor activities like this is that guests get to smell some fresh air but still get just the right shade they need. I also save a lot with electricity because I need not use my aircon  as it is very windy outside anyway.” It would help that you conduct the event somewhere with tents so that no one gets baked or get drenched in case the weather gets fickle. Tentage rental anyway is cheaper compared to leasing another place somewhere else.