Tips on Choosing Condominiums

skyline singapore condo

With the emergence of so many condominiums for sale in Singapore, one would truly be confused as to which one is the best investment. While many have been beautifully designed from the drawings and from the outside, this should not be the selling point that you should go for. Here are some tips on the priorities to consider when purchasing a condominium unit!


The most important factor when choosing any property to invest on is its location. You have to make sure that the neighbourhood is completely safe and is accessible to what matters most. Choose a condo that is located near public transportation facilities, and ensure that it is easy to get around. You do not want to be waiting too long to get to your destination. Choose an area with quality schools and hospitals, and preferably supermarkets, restaurants, shopping centres, and recreational parks nearby. Food is definitely an essential element, so make sure you have many sources nearby.


You certainly have to consider the position of your condo unit, whether it’s at the centre—which would mean there would be a lot of common walls and probability of more noise; or in the corners, wherein the noise would be lesser and you would have a better angle of your outside view. Some condo units might have an obstructive post inside the unit, which takes up precious real estate space and would be a turn-off for future buyers, so make sure you check with your realtor that your condo is free from that kind of structure. Penthouse units would be the most ideal choice, with wider floor areas and lesser tenants, and because you’re on the top floor, you have a greater view of the city and wouldn’t hear any unnecessary footsteps.

Good Views

Living in a high-rise building, of course, everybody expects it to have a nice view. Before you purchase a condo unit, check that the view is appealing. Ideally it would be unobstructed views of nature and the sea, such as that of The Skyline Singapore condo, which offers all its residents spectacular views. But when condos like that are out of the equation, try to get a condo unit with at least a pleasant view, and not just another side of a concrete building. A great view from your condo unit adds value to your property, making it easier to sell in the future.


You’re moving to a condo because of the amenities it offers that normal apartments could not provide for its residents. Make sure that you choose a condo that fits your lifestyle, filled with all the amenities that you want, to make your investment worth every cent. Of course there should be 24-hour security, ample parking, awesome swimming pools, common barbecue areas, gym, sports areas, and other common halls. It would be a plus if they had gardens, a shopping centre in itself, bicycle paths, and a spa. But then again, the choice of condo would really depend on your priorities.

Preference of a condo design is subjective. What would matter most in the long run is how your new home could make your life better and convenient. With these guidelines, you can now narrow down your choices among the numerous condos for sale in Singapore.