The World of Web Designers

One of the most interesting professions today is being a web designer. With everyone seemingly glued to the world wide web, day after day, it is no wonder that more websites are created to cater to a clamoring market.“Seems pretty obvious that you need a design to be a web designer. But what this includes when it comes to the digital realm might be different than what you expect. In this case, design principles are what sets the look and feel of a site. It ranges from proportions to typography, grid systems to color theory, and it’s your chance to dig into creating mood boards and type hierarchy and experimenting with web fonts and color palettes,” wrote Kelli Smith in the article 9 Things You Need to Know to Be a Successful Web Designer for She further wrote about familiarization with design software, “Like any craftsperson, to do your work, you’ll have the right tools. And knowing your way around the industry standards will be helpful in any case and critical in many. While designing a site can be done right in a web browser now, tools like Photoshop and Sketch are ones that almost all designers use for important parts of their job like creating mock-ups, designing assets such as logos and images, and of course modifying and enhancing photos. So, you should get them in your toolbox too”

Chan, 29, who works for an IT company in Singapore, shared how he focused on web application development and programming before deciding to fully commit to web design, “I am a very creative person that even most intelligence and personality tests I used to take always show how I should work on visual/spatial- inspired careers. When I got a degree in Computer Science, my initial plan was just to work in any IT company and figure out which field I would likely excel. As I grew older in this profession, I learned how I am always fascinated by responsive web design that I, later on, asked my company if I can take part in other creative projects that we have and take a rest from the more technical aspects of the work. Well, of course, web design has a technical aspect, but it is using my creativity again that has been making me more motivated to work. My ideas are always appreciated now by the company, and I don’t think I enjoyed work more than today that I could just share ideas to our my creative juice to the design team. Truly a good move on my part.”

Don’t be fooled though be seemingly similar fields. For instance, this article of Arfa Mirza titled 12 Tips for Becoming a Successful Web Designer shared, “It is a general misconception that graphic designers, owing to their computer graphics skills, can also be web designers and vice versa. While this might be true in theory, there are very few professionals that bridge the gap between print-based projects and web-based projects on a regular basis. The reality is that web designing is a completely separate field of designing, having its own flair and expertise. These are two different mediums and so the target audience and objectives of a websites are entirely different from a piece of graphic design. There is always the possibility that a graphic designer advances to the level of a web designer once he or she learns certain technical skills, but it’s important not to assume that a rockstar graphic designer will instantly be successful when designing for the web. For the success of your web business, you should commit yourself to the field of web designing and specialize yourself in it.”