The Rich and Diverse Selection in Italian Dishes

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It’s all in the effort.

Italian food is one of the most renowned and distinct cuisine in the world. Whether at home or in in fancy Singapore Italian restaurant, Italian food appeals take from its exquisite, classy taste created by a combination of herbs and spices. But the other secret is just as intriguing. Italian food is known as one of the most difficult meals to prepare.

Italian cuisines are among the most renowned food in the world but it is also relatively the hardest to prepare. Pasta for instance, a popular center piece of Italian dishes, is made by hand using fresh ingredients while sauces take all day to cook and properly season. Aged cheeses and fresh breads which are also essential features of authentic Italian meals, sometimes take multiple days or months to prepare. This is probably also the reason why even the most routine Italian food, whether home-cooked or served in some fancy Italian restaurant, is often enjoyed with some degree of celebratory spirit often times with a bottle of champagne or wine. Given such time and considerable labor spent, the resulting treat is truly a reward.

And the reward is often an extensive list of treats.

In many Italian restaurants in Singapore, a typical Italian appetizers often involve e a choice from among meats, vegetables, or cheeses or classic combinations of tomatoes, fried vegetables, olive and cheese topping on cured meats or bread. And the choice of appetizers alone are wide-ranging. The antipasto, the most bread appetizer, has as many as 21 types ranging from breadsticks, toasts, bruchetta, culatallo, mozorellas, olives, salami, tortiano, verdure and vezione verro while the soups. There are also more than 30 kinds of Italian pane bread including the traditional Italian pane rustic, the plain pane toscano, the typical Romanian breads rosetta and ciriola and the ciabatta, a white bread made from wheat, flour, water, salt, olive oil and yeast that is considered the Italian counterpart of the French baguettes.

And then are the primi light, or “first dishes” menu which in many Singapore Italian restaurants is choice from the classics pasta, risotto, creamy rice or soup. The traditional zuppa e salsa or soups and sauces, the most famous of which is the acquacotta, is usually made from water, satle bread, onion tomato and olive oil, vegetable and left-overs. Secondi, is the main meal which include meat, fish or vegetable main dish the more popular choices of which include pollo chicken, bistecca steak, manzo beef, agnello lamb, arrosto roast, gamb shrimp, salamone salmon, frutti de mare mixed shellfish, and frittata omelette which maybe baked (al forno), fried (fritto) or grilled (alla griglia) and served with contorni side dishes of grilled or sautéed vegetables, green salad, and potatoes.

And finally, there are choices of dessert, wine and coffee to cap off an Italian fine dining experience. Almost every Italian restaurant in Singapore offers a choice of desserts from among a dolci menu which include gelato, cakes and pies, tiramisu, cannoli, ricotta stuffed in a crispy shell, panna cotta cooked cream, and cheese plate best enjoyed with coffee. Finally, most Singapore Italian restaurants offer digestive, a set of strong liquor which helps digestion after a heavy meal.