The Remarkable Advantages of an Access Control System

In the advent of technology, the use of an access control system is beneficial. It helps in the utilization and access of facilities and physical assets of an organization. It works by giving users a pass through the system through selective restrictions. One has to be an authorized user in order to control the use of a device or a facility. A common example is the turnstile used in railway stations all over the country. In here, you have to use a beep card or a ticket controller to pass the turnstile. Another example would be an identification card that is usually tapped in a machine for permission to enter a work environment.

In a much broader sense, this system is the practice of allowing certain and authorized users to oversee, monitor, and manage certain devices. The technical term for is called credential. A credential may be a physical identification card, number codes or names that are set up in an authorized list so that when they key in their codes or names, full disclosure of information to the system are granted. Upon granting credentials, the control panel of the system is activated. The control panel usually contains the different paths and information leading to the system. These systems have their own authorization codes to operate. There are different types of authorization given to users of different levels – the single factor authorization and the two factor authorization.

A sample of a single factor authorization would be an employee trying to enter a workstation using a unique code generated by the system that is to be used by that employee only. He can use his fingerprint for permission. A two factor authorization means that multiple access is given to individuals by passing on the credential of one person to another but with limited access to the panels of the system. These types of authorization still require the users to key in the passcode, password, smart card, or finger print in case of biometrics. Aside from turnstiles and elevators, an access control system can be anything that has a safety security feature in it that will allow an administrator or a user access once entry of credential has been made.

This system likewise has advantages, too. It helps improve the productivity of most companies because of the accuracy of the data being presented upon entry. The executives of the company can easily access employee information because all credentials are stored in a large database maintained by information technology professionals. Time in and out can be easily monitored because the details are presented in an orderly and logical manner. The employees have peace of mind knowing that no other person can access or represent them when they are away because the badges are issued solely to them. Access control systems can also maintain peace and order inside a workplace because tailgating is not allowed especially on access controlled turnstiles. The owners of the company also achieve peace of mind when they are away because they know that access to confidential information and restricted places are solely granted to them only. Having access control system promotes a working environment that is safe from potential malicious damages caused by other people.