The Numerous Advantages Of A Double Sided Tape

Double Sided Tape

In arts and crafts and automotive paint masking, one of the most common products we use today is the double-sided tape. Also called as an adhesive tape, it is defined as a “pressure sensitive” tape coated with adhesive on both its sides. Because the adhesive is coated on both sides, it is able to stick two surfaces neatly together that inevitably creates an invisible bond between the two. Because of this particular function of the tape, it is deemed perfect for making art projects look neater as well as for creating far better craftsmanship.

A double sided tape has many different uses aside from arts and crafts. Depending on the thickness of this sticky tape, it has more use than just for sticking papers, cups and more to create art. There are two types of double sided tapes that can be seen and bought from stores: thin and dimensional. Thin sticky tapes are usually used in arts and crafts while the dimensional tape is used for retail and signage. As the dimensional double tape is classified to be thicker, it is utilised for many things. One of which is allowing signs and/or displays to stand out with 3D effect.

Using double-sided tapes is very common, but not everyone knows the advantages it provides to its users. If you want to know what these advantages are then continue reading.

  1. These sticky tapes are able to bond dissimilar materials. Because not all people are aware of the function of these tapes, they are worried that it won’t be able to do a good job in sticking two surfaces together, especially those with dissimilar materials. However, there is nothing to worry as it is able to stick incompatible materials with ease.
  2. These tapes can be used for more than arts and crafts. One of the main uses of adhesive tapes is for sticking materials for arts and crafts together. But as mentioned above, it can even be used signage and retail purposes as long as it’s the thicker tape used. It can hold signages in its place as well as put together retail pieces.  
  3. These tapes are able to meet the application requirements of people. If a tape is going to be useful, it needs to meet the application requirements of people and the double-sided tape does that. It is able to provide bonding solutions to different business fields.
  4. They are affordable. Compared to other bonding products and solutions, adhesive tapes are a lot more affordable. This means that more and more people are able to afford thin and dimensional tapes for certain bonding requirements.
  5. These tapes are far more effective than other conventional fastening methods. People who haven’t heard of double sided tapes would end up using conventional fastening methods such as mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives. However, adhesive tapes are able to do a better job in sticking two surfaces together than these two.

There are many more advantages that can be associated with the use of double sided tapes. But these are the top five which convinces people to switch to using this than traditional bonding products.