The Massive World Of League of Legends Betting

Singapore, one of the most popular countries in Southeast Asia, treats esports as a business. Moreover, the country is also using it as a factor to drive tourism and expose more residents to competitive gaming. With that, it’s possible that the country might also warm up to esports betting, particularly in League of Legends betting.

The World of LoL Betting

The teams competing in League of Legends (LoL) competitions are as vicious and competitive as the game itself, it may be given that these matches or the whole idea of competitive gaming are their way of life. Hence, they take everything LoL seriously. Like the teams, you, as a bettor, should also be competitive and dedicated to making bets if you want to win or make a profit and get reach.

Important Things to Consider When Betting

If we’re going to think about it, LoL betting is easy, but there are factors affecting the results, most importantly your League of Legends online betting predictions. With that, here are the most important things you need to consider when betting.

Roster changes

One important thing to consider is the roster changes every match. Teams change their players when there is a need to do so and when the team wants to improve their performances and rankings. One specific performance and roster will not give you the most accurate results, you should know the changes these teams undergo before the matches. Teams change some of their 2018 players to get ready for LoL 2019 Major tournaments, so you need to watch out for their ever-changing rosters before the League of Legends World Championship.

Maps and tournament format

If you really want to make money out of League of Legends betting, you will need to invest in the games and the official tournaments. You need to invest time looking at both team and individual player performance on individual maps, as well as how well they can adapt on different tournament formats. The game will always be the same, but some tournaments have different formats that will help you see how well the teams can perform on certain conditions and environments.

Get in the mind of the analysts

What on Earth do esports analyst, tipster, and forecaster do and why do you need their help? Most fans have a small idea of their job description, but analysts are experts at taking information from their chosen field and using the data they’ve gathered to provide interesting insights and statistics from it. They gather information about the players, teams, tournaments, broadcasters, or game developer. So if you want to win when participating in League of Legends online betting, get in the mind of the analysts.