The Industrial and Environmental Turnkey of ASSE Technologies

As centuries pass, our environment becomes more polluted. Various industries conduct hazardous activities like mining and quarrying that gradually affects our ecosystem. These activities were being commissioned by several multinational companies that operate on large scales. Hence, resulting to land contamination, water and air pollution, and other perilous environmental results.

To combat and alleviate the harmful effects brought by the unsafe industrial works, companies specializing in manufacturing design, systems engineering, water and air pollution control system were also being ordered to ensure the safety and stability of several industrial turnkey projects.

One of the companies that continues to thrive in keeping a safe and industry-friendly work environment in a global setting is Singapore’s Aero Supplies System Engineering or widely known as ASSE Technologies.

Established in 1976, the company started its venture in various metal finishing projects commissioned by several multinational companies from USA, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Italy and India. These projects were successfully completed and globally recognized, hence giving ASSE Technologies a greater opportunity to expand its industry to a more conducive and reliable ecosystem.

The company now has an extensive categories of industrial services to partner with several distinct industries. ASSE has a wide variety of industrial resources suchlike: Metal finishing system, turnkey projects, furnace and ovens, pollution control equipment, special cranes and material handling, and oil and gas industry equipment. As global purveyor of several industrial services, the company also entered in the consultancy and investment trade system to broaden its reach and retrospect.

ASSE Technologies thrives in a number of industrial turnkey projects suchlike:

* Waste Tyre Rubber Recycling projects

* Railway/ buses/ aircraft maintenance hangers

* Hot DIP galvanizing plants

* Thermal power plant projects

* Latex glove production

* Metal bath tubs and sinks production plants

* Aluminum extrusion plants with fishing system

* Iso marine containers production lines

* Modern LPG cylinders production lines

* Latest steel drum production plant

The aforementioned projects had created more opportunities for the company to further its portfolio to several more countries, as ASSE expanded its global operations in Malaysia, China and India.

As part of its advocacy to help keep the environment clean, the company also ventured to several environmental preservation projects where the company supplies and maintains pollution control equipment to its partner companies.

Land contamination and water and air pollution are the dreadful to humanity, thus, the reason why ASSE Technologies is dedicated to continue its contribution to protect and alleviate industrial wastes from harming the environment and human lives.

The company provides the following land, water and air pollution control systems:

*Water purification and treatment package units

* Industrial effluent treatment plants

* All type fume scrubbers and dust collection system

As ASSE Technologies to continue to thrive and do its part as a global industrial equipment and maintenance provider, the company wants everyone to join and support a safe, friendly and coherent working environment where industries can provide the best products and services to its consumers without harming the environment.