The Advantages and Disadvantages of WiFi

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Wireless Fidelity commonly known as “WiFi” was invented at the year 1991 by John O’ Sullivan, Diethelm Ostry, John Deane, Terence Percival, and Graham Daniels. WiFi nowadays is indeed an essential to a lot of people. There are many advantages that the WiFi has, and of course, some disadvantages. It’s a bittersweet truth that most people today cannot survive without using WiFi.


Why is WiFi important and what are its advantages?


  • Global accessibility

Yes, WiFi can be found almost everywhere including the office, school, mall, coffee shop, at home and even your neighbour’s home. The wireless connection does its job on saving the lives of many. It is very convenient as long as you have your device (such as smart phones, iPads, personal computer, or laptop) with you. 


  • Ease of communication

WiFi keeps people connected no matter where distance they may be. If you have a friend or a relative working overseas, you can contact them as soon as possible.


  • Convenience

Portable WiFi in Singapore exists. This pocket sized device will help you do your job in no time, and it’s perfect if you wish to travel. Same as the portable Wifi, the portable WiFi router in Singapore also exists. A router is a networking device that connects data packets to other computer networks.


  • Productivity

This increases the productivity of a user especially for important aspects such as looking for a job online, or submitting a requirement via e-mail.  


  • Expandability

You can add or connect any wireless devices to a WiFi with its hardware settings without having to pay for anything, plus it takes a very short amount of time to do so.


  • Setup cost

From the word “wireless”, WiFi can save a lot of money because network devices can be added or connected without using any cables or giving the cable man a call for him to fix things. This can also help if you’re a “neat freak” due to its less use of cables that can be placed inside the house.


Now, what are the downsides of WiFi?


  • Password and security

Anyone with a WiFi enabled device can easily access to your data and internet connection. Make sure to always secure everything (activate a password as much as possible) because you may never know the intention of other users. Keep everything secured or virus may occur.


  • Sensitivity of the signal strength

You might struggle trying to find a WiFi connection in the mountains. The signal strength of a WiFi network is sensitive, so might as well place a WiFi where there is strong signal, or look for places that you know can help you connect your device.


  • Can easily be affected depending on the climate condition

As mentioned above, WiFi signals are also sensitive depending on the weather condition. It is most likely to be affected when thunderstorm occurs which can cause your device to have a really slow connection.


  • Power consumption is high

This can drain and heat up your network device if WiFi is often used. This situation is normal and can be avoided depending to the user.