The 2 Sides of the Story before Choosing a Halal Food Catering in Singapore

halal food catering

Organizing any type of event is not an easy task. You really need to pay close attention to details in order to not mess things up. Planning every choices, from the venue down to the halal food catering services, takes a lot of work, time and energy all at the same time. Nothing could be set aside because all things are crucial in order to achieve a successful event.

As you went on to the preparation, you might encounter some problems. One of the most common is during the time of choosing the food catering provider. This is really difficult especially if you do not have enough background in doing this job. Since choosing the right caterer needs a lot of considerations, here I have gathered some information that could help you understand the 2 sides of the story before finally picking the best halal catering services for your event in Singapore.

For the first part you have to look at the side of your visitors.

  1. Know them well
  • Learn if what kind of people are attending to your event. Are they mostly kids or mostly adult people? Teens? Dig any basic information that you might need along the way. This will be your guideline in the making the right choices all throughout the selection process. But be careful not to overdo this because I don’t want you to look like a stalker. Just do it moderately. Just get the basics. That’s it.
  1. Identify the diet restrictions
  • After knowing their basic information, it’s time to move on to identifying diet restrictions. If you want everybody to enjoy your event, then you should consider everybody’s needs. Know if you have visitors that are allergic to some certain foods so you can avoid accidents to happen. Or will a certain food affect someone’s medication. Stuff like that.
  1. The number of guest
  • After you know who they are and what are the foods to be avoided, it is now time to identify how many people are going to attend the event. This is of course an estimation of food volume that needs to be served to avoid food waste or avoid food shortage.

After you identify and understand your guest well, you should now move on to the next part. This part is now checking the information about the halal food catering provider you have found in Singapore.

  1. Check their background and experience
  • Know if the halal caterers in your list is experienced enough to handle your type of event. Check whether they are capable in serving small crowd only or a crowd with hundreds of attendees.
  1. Check their menu
  • Know what kind of packages they have and what cuisines are they able to serve. Learn if they can make certain food adjustments for the identified diet restrictions you discovered earlier.
  1. Their Schedule
  • Availability is everything. No matter how perfect a catering service provider is, if it cannot make it to your desired date, then drop it. Of course you wouldn’t want your event schedule to depend on the caterer’s availability right?
  1. Are they really halal certified?
  • This is to make sure that you are not dealing with a faker who only says that they are halal food caterers. Halal food is not like any other food. It follows some certain process before it can be accepted as a real one. So better look for certificates to make sure you are in good hands.
  1. Are they affordable?
  • Last but not the least. Learn to identify if you’re making good value out of your money. Is the cost worthy for the quality of food? Can your budget meet the needed fee for the service? At the end of the day, money still has something to say with this. So do not fail to notice the cost of the service that you are up to.