Special Ideas To Give on Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air. Lovers around the world are all giddy now as their most awaited month is just a few sleeps away. Have you thought about what to give to your loved ones and to your special someone? Well, because Valentine’s Day is as important as your beloved’s Birthday we would not want you to go on a date empty handed? Here are a quick roll of ideas and special items you may want to give to your Queen.

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  1. Flowers and Chocolates

These gifts seem ordinary but are on the top of the list of special items given to all queen of hearts. Even the simplest gestures can sway one’s heart how much more if you add them with some fresh flower delivery and a box of sweet chocolates. In Singapore, Smile Floral offers cheap online flower delivery.  They have a very accommodating florist who prepares your selected flower of choice and arrange it in a bouquet style or how you wanted it to be. Flower delivery in Smile Floral Singapore is a cheap and convenient way of showing your love to your beloved. Aside from flower delivery, Smile Floral also sells special items like hampers of chocolates, wine and fruits, balloons, plushies and even customizes gifts. You may visit their store in Singapore or visit their online flower delivery site.

  1.  Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals vary in sizes and design. You may choose from bears, rabbit, panda and puppy, among others. For your Queen, try buying her favourite animal as a gift. Surely, she won’t be able to resist a huggable stuffed toy that looks like her pet.

  1.  Jewelry and/or Accessories

This type of gift is quite expensive but if you feel like being generous and romantic, giving her a heart necklace or a bracelet after a lunch/dinner date would be perfect.  Other lovers prefer buying a pair of watch or what they call “couple’s watch” to symbolize the love bond with each other. This is a unique gift that lovers will enjoy as these are useful and can be worn every day.

  1.   Women’s Shoes and/or Bag

Women’s apparel like bags and shoes are kinda luxurious but that’s what girls want – to feel special. Your Queen would really appreciate receiving a pair of shoes/sandals or a handbag that she may use for your dates or in her office. These are items that she’ll love to wear and show off to her friends and officemates. Surely, her peers will be envious of her.

  1.  Beloved’s Favourite or Wishlist/Bucket list

Well, if you are having difficulty choosing what to give to your special someone, try granting one of her wish list or bucket list. It’s an exciting and fun way of celebrating the hearts month. If she is not fond of flowers and chocolates but loves to collect books and watch plays, then try writing her a poem or organize a play especially for her. If she’s adventurous, then surprise her with a plane ticket to her dream destination. Simple gestures added with personal thought are priceless.

More than anything else, the month of hearts is surely a month to remember whether or not your loved ones received gifts or got nothing all. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love not a celebration of costly gifts. Even the thought of just greeting them “Happy Heart’s Day”, or just showing them that you love them by sending them cheap online flower delivery with sweet thoughts is more than enough. Expressing one’s love should never be measured by material things or by extravagant dinner dates but should be treated as sacred as life. It is like sharing a part of you to someone you cherished the same as how you cherished yourself. Even without the celebration, love should be expressed freely with a joyous and content heart.