Simple Gift Ideas For Your Girl Best Friend

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Do you have that one best girl best friend who has always been there for you to listen to your problems and stuck around with you through thick and thin? That woman in your life who has always been a good confidant and your partner in crime that you can’t imagine your life without them? You’ve been in and out of relationships, talked about heartbreaks, shopped till you dropped, and fought your biggest fights side by side. We girls know how important it is for us chicas to stick together in a world populated with misogynistic people. We bond just because girl power is always indestructible! And whether you have just one or many girl besties, surely, you’ve always found ways to show your appreciation in a lot of ways. Keep nourishing that everlasting relationship with your best girl buddy by gifting her some simple items that she will surely appreciate. Here are some tips for you:

  • Who could ever go wrong with bags? Girls do have different personalities, and often, you’ll see these differences in preferences with the kind of bags they use. The boyish types may prefer a more laidback back pack or a hobo where she can put some of her essentials, but girly girls might like something more elaborate and stylish like a satchel or a branded handbag. But there are also among our female besties who like to keep it simple and gifting them with customized tote bags that you may have just bought from a thrift shop in Singapore is enough. Whatever her preference is, make sure to slide a small note along with the gift just to make her feel extra special. After all, girls like to keep things personal and heartfelt.
  • Something to scribble on and keep luck into: Michelle, who is close to a lot of her girl best friends, has run out of gift ideas as she has always been generous in gifting everyone during their birthdays and the Christmas season, “I realized I was spending too much from all the gifts I give and after a while, you run out of gift ideas. And my girl best friends are about 10, some from high school, from college, from church, and some are former workmates. Too friendly for my own good, I know. So, there was a year that my budget was limited so I opted to buy things in bulk.” Michelle decided it would be wise to give them customised red packets and customized stationery from a store in Singapore for a change. “A lot of my female best friends like to write in journals and even blog nowadays. I thought of reminding them how to be more traditional and opted to buy the stationery. Red packets, I heard, are very lucky, so I made sure to buy them some of those too.”
  • Make up and other beauty products: Girls will be girls and that alone gives us the right to make sure we look and feel classy and fab at all times for ourselves, and admittedly, the men in our lives. Why not give your female besties different shades and palettes of lipstick, some blush-on, mascara, eyeshadow, foundation or concealer? If she’s not into makeups, skincare products like facial cleansers, scrubs, lotion, body wash, etcetera, will surely do.
  • Simple jewelleries:  It doesn’t have to be a Tiffany jewellery that you can’t afford. It can be a beaded and dangling pair of earrings, a nice locket, a bff ring, an anklet, or maybe a chocker with a little pearl on it. You know your girl best friend is easy to please and she will appreciate anything you give her regardless of the price.