Saying Goodbye to Pain and Working Together for a Better Tomorrow


repatriation of remains

When it comes to solving the problems and predicaments that people face day in and day out in this cold, unforgiving and merciless world where only the strong survive and the weak are left to perish helplessly, it is important for people to work together and unite under one banner because this will increase the likelihood of success. They need to pool their resources without an ounce of selfishness, work hand in hand with fervent dedication and make the necessary sacrifices for the greater good of humanity because nothing is impossible if people work together towards a bright future filled with love, laughter, peace and harmony.

                But more often than not, companies that offer affordable and cost-effective repatriation of remains are raking in some serious dough and making a killing (pun not intended) because senseless wars are being waged around the world by people whose minds are clouded by blind rage, misguided hatred, disgusting prejudice and bigotry. And that is the reason why there are countless of families torn apart at the seams, lives torn beyond repair and innocent victims who are left with nothing but festering wounds that will never hear, scars that will never fade and horrific nightmares that haunt every second of their lives.

With that said, aside from covering the repatriation costs of their fallen heroes who willing gave their lives for the blind ideologies of their forefathers, the top brass of militaries and those who are in high places of power must exhaust all the means within their grasp to push for peace for the sake of the next generations to come. And the first step that they should take is to bring torn families back together especially young children who have been ripped away from the loving embrace of their parents because being reunited with their friends and loved ones will start the long, difficult and excruciating healing process. The people who have lost their homes because of bombs, guns and mortar fire should be given a place where they can feel that they are safe once again without living in fear that every breath that they take may very well be their last.

Aside from paying for the funeral repatriation services to bring home their fallen heroes so that they can be given a proper burial as well as giving people their own piece of paradise here on earth where they can rebuild their war-torn lives, they should also stop the arms race and divert the funding to more worthwhile projects that will help people in more ways than one. They can build more schools, libraries, training centres and other academic institutions where young children can learn and grow. Quality education will give them the knowledge and wisdom that they need to have a better fighting chance in life because they can finally grab the reins of their own destiny and follow their dreams without anyone dictating how they should think, move and feel.

In conclusion, the bloody wars waged around the world must stop immediately because at the rate that armies are going and with all the apocalyptic weapons of mass destruction at their disposal, a Third World War is inevitable and we are all doomed in the aftermath.