Salted Egg Chips, Fish Skins and Other Homemade Snacks

salted egg potato chips singapore

Whenever you are at a social gathering, on a long bus ride, in the cinemas, or simply just enjoying your day off by watching television, you might find yourself craving or wanting to eat snacks. It is normal; we usually incorporate snacks with having a good time like when you are in a party or on a quick fifteen minute break. Snacks are even better when enjoyed with friends and families.

Now, there are times that we cannot really help but eat snacks especially when we are craving for something. It is quite normal, we all have our cravings from time to time. But there are actually times that we just want to eat a specific snack instead of just something salty, sour or sweet. In fact, snacks like pork rinds, fish crackers, and even beverages are perfect for many leisure activity. But what would be best snack we can eat which can satisfy our craving?

When it comes to snacks, we should be careful on what we consume just like how our usual meals affect our health. We should take note that snacks also affect our diet and must consider the nutrition it provides us. Junk foods are fine once in a while, but do not make a habit of eating them daily. Although chips are usually considered junk foods, there are a lot of chips that are homemade which is nutritious at the same time. Here in Singapore, some people know where to buy homemade salted egg fish skins, salted egg chips, fish crackers, banana chips, dried mangoes, and other healthy snacks you can enjoy. Homemade chips and snacks are very nutritious and is even recommended by dietitians instead of buying junk foods or ordering a delivery from a fast food chain.

Here are some recommended snacks that you can make at home to satisfy your cravings and is nutritious at the same time:

Sandwich – the nutrition of the sandwich would really depend on what you put on there. It is best for you to settle with some vegetables like lettuce, onions, pickles, then add in mayo and a slice of cheese. If you wish to get more protein then adding a slice of ham or your choice of meat would be fine, just make sure that the amount is just right for a snack.

Toasted bread – There are many ways on how you can enjoy toasted bread. Some people enjoy it with butter spread on it, some would prefer it to be more on the crunchy side, and some just want it to be paired with egg and tomatoes. It would really depend on your preference but ideally, some cheese and butter would be perfect for those who plan to toast the bread in a pan.

Potatoes – French fries does sound good, doesn’t it? If you are going to fry some potatoes, make sure you use healthy oil and do not cook it in used oil as it would not only affect the taste but also the nutrients. You can also bake potatoes and top it with cheese or tomato sauce.

A lot of us may be guilty on consuming ready to eat junk foods and other processed foods that are artificially preserved but if we are to put practice in preparing our own snacks or eating healthier ones, it can only be for our benefit specially for our health in the long run.