Ride a Bicycle for a Better Future

Wise men swear to the belief and idea that the children are the hope of the next generations to come and that is why they should be taught well and guided accordingly at an early age so that they can lead the way to a brighter and more enlightened future. Sadly, there are a lot of young people out there today who are misguided and lost because they do not have proper role models and guardians who can motivate them to become the best versions of themselves and inspire them to do exceptionally well in every little thing that they do in life. Instead of focusing on their studies, getting high grades, acing their exams, hanging out in the local bike shop to relax after a hard day in school and moving forward in their academic endeavours, a lot of these young and misled youth are wasting their lives with bad company.


Therefore, it goes without saying that parents, teachers and other guardians should step up, break the vicious cycle and do everything in their power to bring these young kids back on track before everything is too late and they totally lose their way in their downward spiral towards self-destruction. They should teach these young children to strike the perfect balance between work and leisure so that they would learn how to prioritize their responsibilities and at the same time let off some steam when they feel that the pressure is too much to bear. And that is why after long hours in their different classes in school, it is important for them to ride their bicycle around Singapore so that they can get a breath of fresh air before heading home and getting started on their homework.


Speaking of riding the best whips offered by the finest and most prestigious bicycle brands in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, children should also be encouraged to pursue their other interests in extracurricular activities. This will undoubtedly help them become more well-rounded individuals with healthy interests and also give them some breathing space when they are stressed out become of their academic duties and responsibilities. After all, they need an outlet where they can vent out their pent-up emotions and release some stress especially during high-pressure situations like exams week.


In conclusion, it is important for young children to do well in school, focus on their studies and adhere to the admonitions of their teachers and guidance counselors but it is also essential for them to ride their proverbial bicycles and enjoy life for a better future. After finishing all of their homework, reading their books and reviewing for their tests and exams, young students should be allowed by their parents to spend some time on the things that they enjoy because they deserve a break every now and then. These hobbies and activities will help them recharge, unwind and relax so that they can recuperate, gather their bearings and push towards their goals after channeling all their energy in the right direction.