Professional Home Massage Services

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Despite the almost common knowledge that “stress kills”, people cannot seem to prevent much less avoid stress from striking.  Bit of course, stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to assaults of work and worrying and therefore is a natural phenomenon.

Perhaps the real trick is not in completely avoiding stress but rather in proper management. Today, there are virtually thousands of products and services in the market all claiming to fight or reduce stress some even claiming to have scientific evidences. Take for instance the sudden boom of the massage industry in Singapore alone. Just in the last five years, spa and other massage centers have grown by leaps and bounds every year for the last five years. Although it has not curbed the number of people who have experienced the more severe effects of stress, it has nonetheless helped in better management of the body and mind.

Massage centers in Singapore offers a growing number of massage services that varies in techniques and focus, that is, in the specific body area where the massage is directed. What they have in common is that they all offer practical alternatives to traditional medical treatments and over-the-counter drugs that offer temporary relief but often causes complications that affect internal organs specifically the kidney. Reliable research centers and institutions, even the more renowned research universities are attesting to positive effects of massage in against major stress problems like fatigue, muscle spasm back pains, osteoarthritis, arthritis, tendonitis, post-operative pain, immune system weakness, decreasing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, blood pressure headache, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, cancer-induced and other types of  body pains. A growing literature even goes as far as to suggest therapeutic or curative effects although these fact remain largely inconclusive.

Regardless of type and research claims, massage are relaxing, soothing body treatments. The fact that various massage centers in Singapore now offer outcall massage services, or home services, adds to the convenience of getting a massage.

The most common Swedish massage technique, a combination of long smooth strokes, kneading, rolling, lifting, wringing or small circular movements, tapping, and vibration movements starting with broad general strokes moving into more specific strokes and more particular problem areas, is a widely popular staple in Singaporean massage centers. The use of lotion, scented oils extracts from flowers and plants to relax, adds to the appeal and apparently do not just calm clients but actually energizes or uplifts. Rehabilitative massage treatments, like deep tissue massage uses more deliberate, slow and intense strokes to on muscle knots and other deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues. Meanwhile, hot massage treatment uses smooth stones, like basalt, that are warmed and then gently rubbed on specific body parts. Both types of rehabilitative massage provide more intense sensation and rejuvenating effects and relieves relieving chronic muscle pains, strains, postural problems and even injuries. Both Swedish and rehabilitative massage are widely offered as outcall services among Singaporean massage centers.

Lastly, tantric massage, a form of erotic or sensual massage, like body to body massage is a popular form of sensual massage where therapists uses natural curves of their body to deliver an array of stunning sensations and stimulation and therefore provides an almost spiritual effect. These tantric massages are also growing in popularity even as an outcall massage service and by all indication, may soon become as common as Swedish massage and rehabilitative massages.