Popular Bicycles and Shops Services


For outdoor-oriented individuals, the mountain bike provides flexibility with its changing gears and large, thick wheels and its over-all built is best for various terrains including off-road trails. Currently, the mountain bike is perhaps the most popular bike due to its functionality in various settings. Various bicycle shops now provide online bicycle purchasing and services options for assembly of factory ready to custom made mountain bikes with popular choices from alloy, titanium and steel frames, ergonomic saddles, precision derailers, suspensions and shifters, and assorted tires and tubes. Most online bike shops sell top of the line brand like Shimano, Giant, Venzo, Maxxis, Kona and Banshee. Due to its tremendous popularity and ever-growing market niche, there are now online second hand bike shops that offer value for money deals and even similar custom assembly options.

Among sports enthusiasts however, the racer is a popular type made with high frames and large but thin wheels that allow fast movement across smooth terrains and are therefore best for competitions or speed junkies. Online bicycle shops commonly offer racer bikes but there are shops that specialize only in custom competition racers and offer parts and accessories from names like Colnago Arabesque, Parlee Chebacco, Jamis Xenith, Cannondale, Felt and Lightspeed. Many online bicycle shops and second hand bike shops also offer custom assembly for hybrid racer-mountain bikes. These bikes provide the speed of racers and the toughbuilt of mountain bikes for various terrains.

Among hipsters, the BMX, a low, lightweight bike with frames designed for general comfort, is still a favourite almost as if having its own cult following from younger generation. Not generally built for extended rides like the mountain bike and the racer, the BMZ design instead appeals due to its better maneuverability and are therefore popular among exhibition artists and extreme game fanatics and can be found not just in the streets but in BMX racing tracks with various surfaces street, park, vert, dirt, and flatland in addition to stunt circuits like the high jump, leap of faith and drag. Online BMX bike shops provide parts and services similar to mountain and racer bike shops but BMX shops offers considerably more accessories including shirts, shoes, shorts, jackets, caps even instructional DVDs and ramp assembly services.

As the market for bicycles have remained stable, manufacturers and bicycle shops have now evolved into one-stop shops that offer all extremes of the cycling world and have become ready for a consumers who now demand quality, performance and custom preferences. The typical budget bike still consist of the traditional low-grade carbon fiber, which used to be notorious for its low quality,   but have evolved into good-quality frames. Bicycle brands like like Trek and Cannondale used to be popular only in Europe market but is now a globally sought after brands.