Pop Up Display Singapore – a Surefire Way to Increase Sales

Knowing how people buy products and services matters. This is why many businesses use different marketing strategies and tools to influence the purchasing behaviours of consumers. In today’s market, the competition gets tougher. If you want to stay ahead of it, you must be more proactive. You also need to ensure that your products are more exposed and chosen by consumers over those of your competitors. And one surefire way to do that is through pop up displays.


A pop up display in Singapore comes in various forms and the most common are counter display, corrugated display, end cap display, floor display, large format print, pallet display, and sidekick display. What’s good about pop up displays is its versatility. They can be used to market any type of product, whether its new, promotional, or seasonal. Another reason to use them is that they are environmentally friendly. Most displays are made of recyclable and reusable materials.


“Which type of display should I use?” This question may be lingering in your mind right now. To help you decide, let’s examine the characteristics of counter displays and floor displays.


Counter displays, as its name suggests, are placed on checkout counters and usually used for low-priced items. These have to be strategically located and need to be attractive to influence consumers who are standing at the cash register. If these counter displays catch the consumers’ attention, it is highly possible that they might decide to purchase on impulse. If your products are small novelty items, counter displays are the right choice.


On the other hand, floor displays are best described with their eye-catching graphics and visuals. They are typically placed at the front of the store. Imagine all the people who visit and pass by your place; they cannot avoid looking at your floor display since they have to enter and exit your store. That’s why it is best to use this kind of pop up display for your top brands and fast selling promotional products.


Indeed, pop up displays can be considered as “silent salespeople”. Now that you know the amazing benefits of using them, the next thing to do is to find trusted pop up display or paper pallet Singapore manufacturers. Look for professionals who can meet your requirements and address your marketing and design needs. It is important that the manufacturer offers customisation to make your display exactly what you want it to be. For instance, can it customise an inflatable air bag by adding your logo or preferred design? You must ask this question right away so that you will have realistic expectations. It is likewise essential to work with a manufacturer that uses the latest technology in producing and designing displays.


Moreover, years of service in the industry is a plus factor. This serves as the company’s established reputation and commitment in delivering quality products and serving clients with utmost satisfaction. And when it comes to budget, a reliable pop up display manufacturer is one who is able to work within any budget without any hassle. With the right manufacturer and beautifully crafted pop up displays, you can definitely increase your sales.