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SME Research Grant

Singapore-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (SIIRD) is a co-operation between Singapore Economic Development Plank (EDB) and the His home country of Israel Innovation Authority to promote,, encourage and bolster joint proficient R&D extends between organizations from Israel and Singapore which would prompt an effective commercialization.

Through this joint effort, organizations have had the chance to make new and expanded innovation. The product collection for customers were also additionally enhanced and extended to incorporate these new advancement. As new markets were made, dependable and talented accomplices come in lessening the ideal opportunity for improvement and conveyance of new/upgraded items and innovation into the market.

To additionally support this endeavour, SIIRD is beginning its ways to Singapore-and Israel-based organizations to take an interest in the R&D Partner Search or make an application for the R&D Funding.

Research and development Funding

SIIRD’s program fund for joint R&D work is dependent upon ALL OF US $1M. This can be interested in all Singapore-and Israel-based companies and other organisation. To get to, a Singapore-enlisted and Israel-enlisted company should together present an application following that either organization ought to never have over 20% shareholding in the partnering company. This sort of grant allows small entrepreneurs and other independent company in Singapore and Israel. Obviously, the joint project must be undertaken in Singapore and Israel with no less than 30% R&D work done in every nation. It ought to be watched that innovation and product should have potential for commercialization.

SIIRD financing is your approach to perfect employment. Independent companies are provoked to begin on finding their life partner organisation and companies and apply for this research subsidize. Influencing utilization of this research funding to allow gives you benefits that cost in light of the fact that SIIRD shares organizations’ hazard from R&D undertakings. That take value in the financed organizations, does undoubtedly not share Intellectual Real home Rights of created products/advancements and most particularly won’t require guarantee from the supported organizations. Moreover, should your venture be effectively popularized, SIIRD has met all requirements for reimbursement in light of the product deals up to 100% of the SIIRD financing or Conditional Grant. All reimbursement to SIIRD is considered as pre-impose costs.

Research and Development Partner Search

Research and development Partner Search is an open door given to companies who are intrigued to shape groups or to scan for innovation accomplice in Singapore or Israel for joint R&D cooperation. To benefit this, organizations simply need to visit SIIRD’s legitimate site and round out the ‘Research and development Partner Search Demand Form’. SIIRD’s workplaces in Singapore and Israel endeavour to do a supplementing and reach any company or organization which were important to you. This is valuable particularly to independent company and SME’s who needs to apply for research grants supports or research subsidizing. On the off chance that maybe they have discovered you a partner, both could now apply for research and development activities.

Then again, lists of companies from Singapore and His home country of Israel who have shown enthusiasm to search for R&D accomplices are likewise accessible. In the event that you found a proper accomplice, you may contact SIIRD so they can connect you to the respective partners.

The posted recommendations will be considered by tenacious expert from Singapore and Israel. Following which, the assessed plans will submitted to the SIIRD Board for approval. For additional data on the examination finance, intrigued organizations may visit the SIIRD site page and go to Proposal Submission page. The due date for accommodation and different dates to remember are nitty gritty in this news and Appointments segment.

So what’s stopping you to make utilization of this huge advance? It’s a win-win without a doubt! SIIRD is calling similar organizations like your own to join the new round of research offer proposition. Apply now!