Marketing Strategies for a Food Business

food businessWhether you manage your own branch of a popular fast food chain or have your own local restaurant, it can be quite hard to keep up with competitors, specially when it comes to those are fairly new in the food industry. A marketing strategy must be executed to get more customers to fill up the table tops and make sure they come back to become regulars. But of course, there are a lot of different marketing strategies that is applicable for a food business. Let us say, you own a pizza place here in Singapore. You must have thought of doing a pizza promotion like the ones that are on yellow cab‘s menu and other popular pizza places. But how effective can these promotions be anyway? Well, this article shall provide information about different kinds of marketing strategies that can help a food business get more customers as their regulars. Here are common marketing strategies that even big food businesses use:

Coupons and membership cards – At one point in your life, you must have seen or used a coupon already to get a discount or freebies when buying food. It is actually quite an effective strategy to pull in more customers and get people to try your dishes. But what is important is that you must consider the amount that you would honor for your coupons. The discount should not be too much to cost the business a lot of profit, and it should not also be too small to entice people to try your restaurant out. On the other hand, having a membership system where people can earn points each time they dine at your restaurant and use them for free meals or discounts in the future can encourage people to stay and be your regular.

Group meals and discount – As a restaurant owner, you know that there are more people showing up in groups than alone. That is why this kind of marketing strategy is quite effective specially for bigger restaurants that can accommodate a decent number of diners. What is better is that if you are offering promotions and discount for a group, you are able to market to a huge number of people who can potentially tell their friends and families about you, which results to attracting more customers by simply word of mouth.

Make deliveries available – Of course, having an option aside from dine in can still earn you some money. In fact, you can indirectly get more money from deliveries, since they do not take up tables and seats in your restaurant, making it free for other potential customers. But you should also make some restrictions for them, such as minimum purchase or amount of order, just to ensure that the expenses of deliveries will pay off. However, it might be quite an investment to make deliveries available – the cost of the motorcycle plus a hiring a driver. That is why it might only be a good idea if the restaurant is already generating an acceptable amount of profit from diners.