How to Choose the Best International Preschools in Singapore for Your Child

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Singapore, although small in size, is a highly diverse country. You’d find a wide range of international schools for kids, each offering a multicultural learning environment for the little ones. You can be sure that regardless your home country or where you’re looking to stay in the next years, you’d be able to find a preschool that matches your child’s needs best.


As you narrow down your list on the best international preschools in Singapore, make it a point to visit the school so you can see about the experiences of the students and even parents. Insights and stories you will gather can be invaluable during your decision-making process. Here are more tips you may want to consider.


Check the campus location. You’d want to ensure that convenient transportation options are available, either from home or office. You don’t want the kids to endure getting stuck in traffic every school. Also, for added convenience, you might want to look for an international kindergarten in Singapore that offers preschool education too if you are enrolling more than one child.


Consider your future plans. You may have plans of moving the following year or perhaps you are still unsure how the next months would turn out for your family. Make sure that the school would be able to accommodate any disruptions or sudden changes so that your child’s educational needs would not be compromised. Discuss this with the school beforehand so you won’t have to worry about anything should your family need to relocate immediately.


Look into the curriculum. The curriculum should match your child’s needs and interests. You’d want a school that develops early champions, while at the same time providing a nurturing environment, allowing kids to be kids. You want to be the programme to be as comprehensive as possible but without putting too much pressure on the young learners.


Check languages taught in school.  You may want your child to be acquainted to a specific language. See if the preschool offers lessons on the language of your choice. International schools should be able to help you expose your kids your native tongue.


Check extracurricular activities available. Look into the extracurricular programmes as well as you’d want lessons to be balanced. Kids interested in sports and visual or performing arts would be able to benefit a lot from schools that offer a myriad of opportunities to explore their passions.


Compare fees. Preschools may have varying fees. Do not focus on the figures alone. Think about your budget or the price you can afford, but do not forget to always include quality as you make your decision. A cheap fee does not equate to a practical investment and the highest fee does not necessarily mean a smart choice.


Your involvement as parents is crucial in choosing the best international preschool in Singapore for your child. At the end of the day, remember that your partnership with the school is also as important. To ensure your child’s well being, teamwork between you and the school staff is imperative. Monitor your child’s progress throughout the year and decide from there whether or not to stay in the same preschool.