How to Choose Between Various International Schools in Singapore

So you’ve decided you’re enrolling your child in an international school.  


In Singapore, international learning institutions abound. Some may be more popular than others. Some may be less heard about. Although it bears an impact, the ‘name’ of the school should not be your only basis in choosing the right one for your child.  


Let’s talk about factors you may want to consider in comparing international schools in Singapore.


Native language

If you are coming from another country and are looking to be back soon, you may want to consider schools that specialise in your native language. This way, you can ensure that your kid will remain attached to their roots. This will also make transitions a lot easier for you and your child. While there is nothing wrong if kids also learn another language (that’s a good thing actually), you’d want to ensure they won’t have a hard time getting used to the primary language of instruction in your home country.


Classroom size

Kids vary in learning styles. Some may comprehend concepts faster with visuals while some may prefer reading or learning on their own. It would help a lot to ensure that an international school in Singapore will strictly adhere to a low student-teacher ratio. You’d want teachers to be able to provide individualised support to every student. You’d also want your kid to be able to ask questions or participate in activities more comfortably. This they can do if the classroom population is small enough for one teacher to manage at a time.


Flexible curriculum

In the event that you would need to move to another place, would your child be able to use the school credits they earned in Singapore? You need to look into this as you don’t want your child to spend more years in school than the necessary. It would also be a waste of time and resources. As early as possible, verify with the school if their curriculum is integrated with that in other countries.


School facilities

You’d want to ensure that your child would be able to enjoy full access to school facilities.  Library, play areas, swimming pools – these are only few of the features you will find in a school. You want all tools necessary for your child’s learning available within their reach. You don’t want kids to be confined inside the classroom alone, for one. You’d want to ensure that the school makes it a point to expose students to various extracurricular activities they may be interested in. You want your child to be given an opportunity to be good at something they actually like.


Opportunities for collaboration

Does the school provide students the chance to practice camaraderie? Do they also hold events that allow kids to interact with students from other class? Does the school have common spaces where kids can freely make friends with other students? Letting your child join a multicultural community will also teach them to respect differences. You know they won’t be discriminating others as they move on through life and that they would treat everyone around them equally.


Proactive teachers and staff.

The school can only be as good as the people running it. No matter how promising the curriculum or how advanced the facilities are in a school, all these would go down the train if the management is hard to work with. Kids will be at school almost the entire day. They will be working with teachers and the rest of the school staff. A huge part of their experience will come from the relationship they will build with everyone in the school. You’d want your child to create happy and positive memories. The school administration should be taking steps to ensure this. With a proactive management, you are provided updates about your child’s progress. You are also welcome to visit should you have concerns.  If the school encourages teamwork between you and the teachers, that’s a good starting point.


Enrolling kids in an international learning centre has its pros and cons. It won’t work for everyone. It might not work for all your kids. However, you can ensure that you’re investing in the right people and in the right team if you would study your options carefully.  Quality education in Singapore doesn’t always come cheap. Your child should be able to make full use of it.