How to be More Presentable

luxury watchesOur personality plays quite a big role of how our circle of friends and acquaintances see us. However for those that we are yet to know, our appearance, most of the time,  tell them half of who we really are. That is why it is important that we must always be presentable and good looking specially for those who are in the fashion industry. Here are some things to do and consider for a more presentable appearance:

Haircut is important – Our hair is what people see first. This is why an unkempt hair gives out an unorganized or messy impression. It must always be cut neatly and should not cover our eyesight. Also, for those who prefer styling their hair up, it should not take too much time to fix it.

Workout once in a while – The shape of our body and muscle is extremely important when it comes to our appearance. It does not mean that you should bulk up and lift some heavy gym equipment, cardio and other exercises that can be done inside your home is good enough. It does not have to be intensive as well, just allot about an hour every morning during the weekdays would be enough to tone up some muscles. Of course, the results are not immediate, but can be very rewarding in the long run specially that it comes with health benefits and gives us more endurance.

Get some accessories – A set of accessories would be enough. Do not buy those excessively large jewelry. Settle for simpler ones instead. Sunglasses are a good choice specially for the summer. A wristwatch is a good option to go with. It makes people think that you manage your time well. If you want to get a luxury watch but do not have the budget, there are some shops here in Singapore that sell second hand watches, as well as repair old watches and broken ones.

Watch what you eat – Stop eating foods that are rich in preservatives. Specially instant noodles and junk foods. Once in a while is fine, but eating them regularly can affect the health of your skin. Eating fruits and vegetables is the best way to keep our skin as healthy as possible and in addition, can even make you look a lot younger than you really are.

Invest in a wardrobe – Clothes are just as important as our body when it comes to appearance. We should get a decent amount of clothes that properly fits us and some few extras so that we will not have a week where we used the same shirt or pants twice. This goes the same for footwear, have at least 1 pair of black shoes, rubber shoes and sandals.

Take care of your teeth – Yellow teeth and bad breath can be a huge turn off, even if you wear expensive clothes and colognes. Get your teeth regularly cleaned and make sure that you have a set of toothbrush and toothpaste at work. It is important to brush our teeth specially during the mornings, evenings and every after meals.