How Funded Research Can Benefit the World

research and development

Research, in general, has benefited a lot of educative and industrial advancement efforts over the years. Without continuous research, several projects of universities, the government, and different fields in the private sector will never further and discover newfangled innovations and solutions to societal dilemmas and demands.

Cali Simboli in his article titled “The Importance of Research in the Advancement of Society” shared similar views about the relevance of extensive research in the modern times,  

In today’s world, we are constantly adapting. We are constantly demanding new things and new ways to do things. Without research, our demands would go completely unrecognized. Research is what gets us as the human race farther. Research is the product of curiosity, which is something we all have. We get curious, we question things, and then we want to know all that there is to know. So what comes next? The research. Without this curiosity and without this research, our society would fall flat. To gain knowledge is to thrive. Without research, our lives as we know it would be completely altered.”

However, longitudinal studies (researchers that are done on a long-term period) can be costly and time-consuming. A regular researcher without any source of funding to take his study on greater heights is always at a risk of putting his research on hold until finances to cover all research costs are met and settled. It is good though that a lot of concerned groups offer research grants that could aid in a successful culmination of a valuable industry research. In fact, there have been efforts even by states to provide government fund for sme—provided that all requirements are met by the one proposing to conduct the integral research.

Successful international companies like SIIRD (Singapore Israel International Research and Development Foundation) for instance has been doing similar efforts as it sponsors joint R&D projects between companies based in the two countries for up to US$1M. This effort to support crucial and momentous studies is not only commendable, but also a great proof that both the government and private sectors have seen how society as a whole can benefit from research efforts that could pave the way to understand various modern societal issues, discoveries of technological, medical, economic, cultural, political, industrial inventions, as well as solutions to modern crisis that continuously plagued the progress of contemporary civilization. Longitudinal research also helps debunk or affirm existing theories about humankind and his world as it either support truths and proves lies that are very important in our quest to understand daily existence.

Whether the funded project is for university professor who is writing about cognitive development through language acquisition of EFL learners or a research writer funded by an SME grant of a private car company  to test the effectiveness and efficiency of a hybrid vehicle made in Japan, the  importance of research in society as a whole can never be undermined—especially now that we live in a world where constant change pose challenges for people to keep coping  with the demands of modern life.