Health and Cleanliness is WEALTH

“A clean person is not the one that runs away from dirt, but one who takes the time and effort to tidy-up a dirty environment.”

Cleanliness is indeed a very important trait that every person should adapt. Cleanliness must be practiced at a young age in order to avoid having any kind of disease. In a person’s everyday life, he/she may never notice even the littlest of things of being unsanitary.


  1. Use antibacterial soap
  • It is already given for a person to take a bath regularly, but make sure to use an antibacterial soap before cooking, eating, or touching your face. If there is no antibacterial soap around, make sure that you have an alcohol or a hand sanitizer. These are very handy yet very useful essentials which are perfect for travelling. Speaking of travelling, after handing out some cash to the person in charge of the fare, do not forget to put some alcohol or a hand sanitizer after!


  1. Brush and floss
  • Do not be lazy in taking good care of your teeth! Brush at least 3 times a day, or use a dental floss to get rid of all the leftover food stuck between your teeth. Brushing your teeth and tongue 3 times a day will not cause any bad breath, and no expensive payments at the dentist. Although having a dental check-up for at least 1-2 a year is advisable. Still, taking good care of the teeth is also part of being clean.


  1. Eat healthy and stay healthy
  • Having a clean diet is a big help to your health. If you know that you are the kind of person who easily gets sick, get rid of all the unwanted food inside your system. Eating healthy foods such as green leafy vegetables and fruits with fibre are also a big help for you to avoid being sick.


  1. Bring a handkerchief with you
  • No matter where you are going, your handkerchief is your best friend that will protect you from the polluted air, different foul smells, and also coughs and sneezes from other people near you. Can you imagine how a piece of cloth can actually do many things that will help you and your health?


  1. A clean place is a safe place
  • Whether you are at work, school, mall, park, or at your own home, if others cannot be clean with their surroundings, at least be the person who’s concerned about the cleanliness of the environment. The simple things such as throwing trash to the trash bin are already a big help. Another least thing that you can do is to do household chores.
  • Do your laundry for at least once a week. You cannot just wear the same underwear or shorts twice!
  • Wash the dishes because it is better for the sink to look clear, then to see all those piled up dishes.
  • Change your bed sheets regularly. And by regularly, at least every month. Get rid of all those bed bugs of Singapore, or hire at least a pest management service to get rid of all the nasty pests living inside your room. No more pests = a much more comfortable sleep at night!