Guides to Follow For Your Much Needed Home Renovation

While there may be some minor home remodelling tasks that we ourselves can do, there are just a lot of renovation projects that we need to leave to the experts. But finding the right people to do the job may not be as easy as we think. As much as possible, we want to renovation to be close to our ideal turnout—and this can only happen if we find the right people to help us make our visions come true. Here are some guides and steps to follow should you decide to finally get that home renovation you’ve been dreaming about:

  • First, decide on what specifically you want to remodel/renovate on your home: Doing a major change in your house is no joke so you have to be very specific and certain about the things you want to improve on. Will it be making an extension for the small kitchen? Is it creating 2 rooms out of what used to be a single bedroom space? Is it retiling your bathroom floors? Or will it be as complicated as changing the shape of your roof? Write down what is your priority as you know how costly it could be to get all things done all at once.
  • Talk to possible contractors to hire:  Even months before your target start of renovation, it would be wise to already talk to some possible contractors for the project. Ramon Kenui, 27, a long-time office renovation contractor in Singapore shared, “When you are planning to remodel or renovate, make sure you tell the contractors ahead of time as most us are usually in the middle of some other projects. We follow a schedule too like any other regular workers. By discussing the matter with us at least a month ahead, we can sit down and talk about how to go about finishing the project.”

home renovation contractor

  • Set a budget for the project: This is something that you must discuss too with the contractors as it will include labor cost, material prices, and a timeline for the project from start to finish. The contractor will tell you how much they charge per project and what could be the best or even cheapest renovation or remodelling materials you need. Never ever start the project blindly without taking into account the amount of money you need to be shelling out as it is possible that your renovation will suddenly be hampered if you suddenly run out of finances in the midst of the renovation itself. Be very meticulously in listing down all the possible expenses and make sure they all can be covered by your budget at hand.
  • Get the contract in writing: To make sure that everything you discussed with your contractor will be followed with caution, put everything in writing and have both parties agree with the terms. Include the timeline in the contract (if possible, a daily projected task completion must be reflected), the labor cost, license of the contractor, and payment arrangement. If a lawyer can help you out in drafting the contract, that would be perfectly desirable.
  • As much as possible, be present during the renovation process:  It happens a lot that when the homeowner is not there to oversee the renovation or remodelling, a lot of things go out of hand. This is even though there is supposed to be someone among the workers who is supposed to be supervising the project.  If you cannot be present all the time, have a family member do it on your behalf.
  • Scrutinize the kind of work your laborers can do:  As the project can be more than just laying on marble tiles on the floor, you have to be very sure that the people you hired for the job can perform according to the demands of the renovation project. Mr. Richard Suarez, an owner of a small carpentry services company in Singapore mentioned how a lot of home owners fail to see this need to be distinguish the different works in home renovation, “ A lot of our clients here in Singapore would sometimes unknowingly hire an interior designer when all the while they need a woodworking professionally—which I tell you a big waste of time and money.” He emphasized how important it is to be able to find distinction among the different home renovation work that needs to be accomplished to avoid this mistake. He added, “ Research first what will be appropriate for the changes you want and never be fooled by those who cannot deliver on what they promised”.