Flat Foot Treatments


They say that flat feet are a common condition especially among infants and it is normally treatable. However, when you are an adult they would say it is something that cannot be treated easily but with the technology nowadays, there is a flat foot treatment that can help solve the problem of being flat footed. People can now go to any podiatrist in Singapore to avail of the treatment.

For better understanding, a lot of people have a gap under the arch of their foot when they are standing. People who have a flat foot normally would not have an arch or it can be very low. They also say that people with a flat foot may roll over to the inner side when they are either standing or walking and there is a tendency that the feet may point outward. Experts also say that having a flat foot may not experience any pain but to other people, they would normally experience having pains in their back. The most common symptoms are the following: pain in the arch of the foot, knee, hip back, and the lower leg area. So what are the treatments?

For children, they would not need a treatment if they are not causing any pain specifically walking problems. Children would normally outgrow the problem and this can also be treated through the shoes that they wear. This is the same thing with adults but when the pain becomes unbearable, it is highly recommended that you really need to visit a podiatrist for better treatment. What they would normally prescribe is a pair of special shoes that can be custom made. These types of shoes must have fitted soles that are designed to support the feet and will be able to reduce pain in the process.

They would also say that some people with a flat foot can automatically be treated by having an alignment in their limbs in such a way that it will not develop into something serious. Another thing that the podiatrists would also recommend is the arch support that you can put in your shoe and this is especially for people with tendonitis because the support would help in lessening the load from the tendon tissues.

Another advice that podiatrists give their patients is of course avoiding any type of activities that can make the foot feel worse and normally these are strenuous activities that would involve heavy foot work like running and playing any type of sport. If you are the type of person who cannot live without any type of physical activity, there are also some exercises for people with a flat foot. There is this type of exercise that they call the golf ball roll. The person just needs to sit on a chair with the feet firmly on the ground. This type of exercise would also involve a golf ball. You simply need to let the golf ball roll under the foot while seated on a chair. This type of exercise would just take two minutes of your time. When you do this type of exercise, make sure that you have consulted with a podiatrist. You cannot simply apply this exercise without any consultation because it might do more harm than good.