Fine Meat Cuisines in the Finest Diners

best steak in Singapore

Despite the growing concern in well-being and health and a new generation of consumers who have become extremely conscious of food intake, calorie and sugar count, Singapore steakhouses remain a formidable business in the food industry. It helps of course that many meat restaurants in Singapore have begun offering healthy menus and meal options to the diet and health conscious consumer.

Still, steakhouses or steak restaurants continue to be in vogue in fact, these food joints are not just typical food joints but are actually high-class, fine dining establishments that have become important destinations for local residents and foreign tourists alike.  Some of the best steakhouse restaurants in Singapore has even become important national landmarks and food industry players. Although there is no one particular or singular steakhouse that has come to be identified as Singapore’s finest, there are at least a dozen steak houses renowned for their uniqueness and has and been a source of pride for the country for many years now.

A quick survey of restaurants specialized in steak meals and dishes would show a wide range of variety. There are of course the classic American variety like  prime stakes, tenderloin, boneless USDA prime rib, the five peppercorn rubbed prime strip, the petite filet, T-bone, New York strip,  rib eye, and porterhouse which are staple in any Singapore steakhouse.

There are also variant from the land Down Under like the Rangers Valley Angus T-Bone straight from Australia’s finest beef ranch in Rangers Valley usually seasoned with black lava sea salt and masterfully grilled over an open-flame charcoal grill to evoke that unique smoky, Australian outback feel and flavor. Also a growing Australian favourite in Singapore steakhouses is the equally delicious  OP rib which dry-aged in-house for 14 to 36 days, the Australian Angus beef filet mignon, the wagyu tomahawk and the royal treat of beef Wellington best enjoyed with  Australian mushroom duxelle, parma ham and foie gras wrapped with puff pastry.  For the meat-obsessed, fine beef cuts of Bedrock pepper steak and Australian grass-fed rib eye served with siding of mac and cheese plus a choice of drink from among a great selection of whiskey labels are now widely served in many steak restaurants in Singapore.

For those with European taste-buds, there are steak restaurants that serve Italian bistecca alla Fiorentina, sliced bite-sized pieces, cooked medium-rare and served with roasted potatoes and cannellini beans with sage and chilli. For those with considerable appetite, there are Fiorentina style steak houses that serve massive wagyu steak served with a trio of sauces perfect for a group of hungry meat lovers.  There are also French variants like Steak Frites, stake cuts smothered with secret sauce and paired with deliciously seasoned fries and fresh salad. Recently, there are also new steak restaurants in Singapore that serve Japanese-inspired steaks  like Japanese wagyu beef like succulent and tender Myazaki Grade A4 strip loin served with lightly salted, shoyu sauce or the ultimate mouth-watering A5 Kobe beef straight from the Hyogo Prefecture in Honshu, Japan for that authentic Asian taste and texture.