Famous Mountain Bikes From Past Cycling Events

OCBC cycle is a sport that involves riding of special sport bicycles on rough terrain (off the road).it is one of the most famous and interesting games worth watching in Malaysia (as well as other past of the Asia). Different categories of cyclist feature in the OCBC cycles and it usually includes the kids, amateur cyclist and professionals alike. The OCBC Malaysia 2014 had a lot of these and much more to show for it. The interesting part of the just concluded OCBC Cycle Malaysia from 17 to 19 January 2014 in Kuala Lumpur had a ready display of several Famous Mountain Bikes from Past Cycling Events.

Mountain bikes are not different from normal bikes in appearance; they only have certain features that make them fit for off the road terrains (or rough road rides). For example, most mountain bikes seen in the OCBC cycling have wide tires that appear to be wider than normal road bikes (about 1.7 – 2.5 inches wide), and the tires have higher suspension above the ground compared to road bikes. Mountain bikes also have adjustable handle-bar that is upward for riders’ comfort. The handlebar can also be flat but mountain bikes handlebar are basically placed flat, upward or made adjustable to allow for firm and easy control by the cyclist. The hydraulic break and gear system is such that supports fast and easy climbing of steep surfaces and  down mountainous or hilly terrains.

One last obvious feature that makes mountain bikes appear unique is the pedals. Mountain bike pedals are patterned and fitted to comfortably hold cyclist shoes in place and allows for smooth ride.

Types of Mountain Bike

There are different types of mountain bikes that you can buy for off the road fun rides. Are you dreaming of taking part in the next OCBC cycle games? Then you really should consider one of these. Each of the available mountain bikes has different suspensions and weights.

  1. Cross country (XC) Bike

The XC bike is a mountain bike with 0-5 inches (0 to 125 mm) suspension on the front tire and sometime the rear tires may be varied or will have same suspension as the front. It weighs 20 to 30 pounds (9 -13 kg). It has a good balance when climbing or descending hills.

  1. All Mountain/Enduro (AM) Bikes

AM bikes has 5 -7 inches (125-170mm) suspension at the front and rear tires, it appears to be heavier than XC bike models, but definitely more studious (stronger) for mountain and rough terrain rides. AM bikes are designed mainly for Enduro racing. The two Enduro race are “Big-Mountain” Enduro and “Gravity” Enduro. AM bikes have good balance on off–the-road rides. Make up and down hill cycling much easier. In North America, AM bikes are common and Enduro racing is everyone’s thing for cyclist. Some OCBC cycling participants used it as well.

  1. Downhill (DH) Bikes

The DH bikes use heavy frame tubing than other mountain bikes. It has large brake disc and it is good for steep hill climbing. Professional DH bikes weigh 33 pounds. DH bike is build to stand downhill cycling jumps and have good balance as well.



XC, AM, DH bikes are common mountain bikes that features well in past cycling events among some other mountain bike brands.