Esports Betting Sites: A SMART Criteria In Choosing

Esports as a competitive tournament and as a betting market is completely taking over the world by storm. That includes Asia, one of the biggest regions competing in international esports tournaments. Singapore, South Korea, China, and the Philippines are now considering it as a way to boost tourism. With that, people from all over the region are looking for ways on how to make a business out of it. Don’t worry, the search is over as everything starts with esports betting sites.

Esports online betting sites are the online platform catering to esport betting. They offer the most popular and mainstream markets such as CSGO, League of Legends, DotA 2, and Overwatch. They are the ones responsible for giving out odds and paying out your earnings. In short, your success and defeat lies with them. Hence, you need to be careful when choosing one. Follow our criteria below:

Has Gambling Licenses and Other Certifications

You should always use a reliable betting site because we’re talking about real money here. If the bookmaker you’ve chosen is a scammer, then you’ll lose all your money. With that, you need to take a look at the background of the company before registering an account. Also check if the site and its games are regulated by gambling control boards and other authorities.

Runs A Beginner-Friendly Platform

Simplicity and ease of use are top considerations in choosing the perfect esports betting sites. The website’s navigation should grant you the sense of familiarity and comfortability. If you’re a new visitor to the website, every click and scroll should be easy for you. Predicting the result of sports matches is hard enough, navigating the website shouldn’t give you any more problems.

Sells Different Betting Markets

Selections are important when betting online. Your selection will determine the odds and your payout if your bets are successful. So you need to choose a betting site that offers the biggest Major, Minor, and premier matches for the big 4 and other esports titles you want to bet on. This will determine the market liquidity and odds.

Offers Generous Bonuses and Promotions

Esports online betting sites that have the most generous freebies and promos for both new and seasoned players should be your top choice. These features and promotions can extend your playtime when your funds are low. You can avail their welcome bonus, match bonus, refer-a-friend bonus, free bets, and more. When choosing one, check the terms and conditions first and make sure that they are actually useful.