Enjoying the Weekends

riding bike

“I need a day between Saturday and Sunday” are what most people say. No one can ever deny the fact that all people are definitely looking forward to the weekends. Just imagine having no school or work, and getting all the sleep that you want. Sounds very relaxing and exciting, right?

Aside from sleeping and lying in bed all day, why not put a little more “excitement” to your weekend.

Here are some exciting yet very affordable activities to do during the weekends:

Visit the park

  • This may sound very cliché, but hey, visiting the park on weekends together with your loved ones are as relaxing as staying at home all day. You might also want to prepare for a picnic date because it is less expensive than dining inside a fancy restaurant.

Bicycle rides

  • This never gets old. Visit the nearest bicycle rental in Singapore or the bike rental Singapore and bike all your problems away (if that makes sense) Biking along the park or at your neighbourhood can ease the stress that you have felt from all the workload these past few days.

Watch the sunset

  • Running out of photo ideas to post on your social media accounts? Witness the golden hour and capture the beauty of the sunset. This does not only help your social media feed look beautiful, but watching the sunset is also indeed very relaxing.

Do general cleaning

  • The thought of cleaning your room or maybe your entire home may sound really tiring and exhausting. But if you want to do something productive during the weekends, might as well stick to being a neat freak. You won’t regret doing this afterwards. 😉

Invite your friends over

  • Another great way to spend the weekend is to also spend time with your friends. Invite them over at your house (for fewer expenses) and watch movies all night long. Do not forget the most exciting part of the night! Order pizzas!

Start a workout routine

  • Been complaining to yourself on how “weak” and lazy you’ve been feeling especially when you’re in school or work? Get your feet on the ground and try making your own workout routine. Looking for the perfect workout routine for yourself? You can either search for videos online, or try making your own steps! If you’re not up to doing Zumba or cardio, you can always visit the park for jogging, biking, and do long walks.

Spend time with your loved ones

  • You’ve had a tough week, now is the perfect time to spend it with your loved ones. Cook dinner for the family, watch movies, story tell them on how your weekday went, and also spend your time with your pets! Have the time to bathe them, feed them, and even cuddle them because they sure missed you too!

Or if you’re living alone inside the boarding house or dormitory, spend the weekend by yourself. Treat yourself by eating your favourite food, or even visit the spa. Read books too! It relaxes the mind.