Effective Tips To Koi Pond Maintenance

There are some of us who have discovered ways to somehow find relaxation right in our own home. Chances are, if you find a koi pond in an outdoor space at a home here in Singapore, dwellers of the place would likely want to imbibe a life of peace and tranquillity—and it clearly shows how they chose to design their home exterior. “Having a Koi pond at your home is undoubtedly the quickest way to reduce stress and anxiety that you have to deal with on a regular basis. This peaceful and quiet place is essentially a man-made paradise. Apart from eliminating stress and tension of your mind, a Koi pond is a perfect way of adding beauty to your backyard or any outdoor space.

However, it requires some effort to keep it in its healthiest and most attractive condition. You may have heard that building a Koi pond is a much easier task as compared to maintaining it. However, if you take proper care of your Koi pond right from the beginning, you can avoid many complications later on. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most simple and effective precautionary steps that you can employ to keep your Koi pond healthy,” remarked Koi-care staff of koi-care.com who shared the article The Most Effective Tips for Koi Pond Maintenance.

But there is a catch, according to Shane Penn, who has this water feature in his humble abode in Singapore, “The maintenance should be regular, and you need to develop a routine and strategy to make sure you clean the koi pond properly. I have actually hired people to do this for me because I really can’t do it myself regularly because I am such a busy person that my weekends are often spent trying to recover from the exhaustive work I do during weekdays.”

      Worry not. Here are some tips for proper koi pond maintenance:

  • You will need some maintenance equipment: Invest in a good quality filtration system, a protein skimmer, ultraviolet sterilize, a powerful pump, and aeration system. For example, there is a need for a pond pump because it is utilized to pump water in and out of the pond—which in turn helps in maintaining proper water movement in the pond.
  • Regular water checks: According to koi-care.comKoi pond owners may have to deal with issues like acid rain, excessive fish waste and nutrient-enriched runoff.  In order to stay on top of these common but serious issues, it is highly advisable to perform constant water checks. Although it’s true that Koi fish can be easily taken care of, poor water quality can cause even the hardiest fish to suffer from health issues.” Regular water checks also assures you that there is no threat of water-born diseases that is likely to develop as you can easily tell whether the H2O in your koi pond is clean or stagnant.
  • Keeping the right temperature: This is especially essential for koi pond owners who live on cold areas as the ponds can freeze over during fall and winter seasons. But the catch is, koi pond fishes actually hibernate under the surface when the ice form. But just to be safe, you may use a floating de-icer that can maintain a hole in the ice which functions for proper gas exchange during these cold seasons.