Easy-To-Follow DotA 2 Betting Tips

Singapore is on its way to participate in this year’s Southeast Asian Games in the country, and it will introduce their first esports representatives backed by the Singapore Esports Association. With Singapore slowly accepting esports as a form of business and as a means to boost tourism, it is safe to say that DotA 2 betting may also be thriving in the country. There are local residents in the country and other people in Southeast Asia who make money out of esports betting.

If you want to participate and make money out of DotA 2 online betting, make sure you have the right guidelines to get you started. Here’s a list of the most effective betting tips for beginners:

Get To Know DotA 2 Jargons

You should learn the most commonly used DotA 2 and esports betting terms to get the hang of the betting process. Learn about what stake, odds, and selection means, as well as the terms used for different markets such as first blood, accumulator, handicap, half time/full time, over/under and more. Also, memorize terms like Damage Per Second (DPS), offlaner, Status Resistance (SR), Tank, Zoning, and more. Knowing the jargon will help you understand and relate to what’s happening during the game and the betting process. It will also help you observe the teams’ track records and previous performances before you make your DotA 2 predictions.

Refresh Your Knowledge In Mathematics

Consider the basic Math in DotA 2 betting: the stake, the odds,  probability, and statistics. Use betting percentages and betting predictions from experts who share sports insights to help you determine the true worth or betting value of the betting market. These data will show you the teams’ standings and their chances of winning the game, as well as the players’ current condition. It’s important to have a background knowledge supported by data before betting.

Conduct Research Before The Game

It’s important to have a thorough research before the matches begin. It can ultimately help you in time of need and in your decision making. You need all the information you can get about the tournament and the teams competing before making an actual decision that will determine your course of action. You should take down notes and watch all the previous matches of the teams competing, as well as their current roster. Every change from each team will should affect your DotA 2 online betting predictions.