CSGO Predictions: 3 Steps To Success

Singapore and other countries in Asia are completely tapping into the full potential of esports, and this may actually include esports and cryptocurrency betting in the future. If you want to participate in this market and start earning money in the long run, it’s time for you to figure out how to make esports predictions, particularly csgo predictions, the most popular betting tournament today.

Step 1 – Choose The Best Sportsbook Catering to CSGO

Choosing the best sportsbook is your first step to success. The sportsbook you will choose affects your entire betting experience since you’ll be competing with them. Making accurate predictions isn’t enough if your sportsbook can’t double or triple the amount of Bitcoins you wagered. The bigger the market, the more competitive the odds. Therefore, you need to choose a reliable sportsbook that can cater to all minor and major CSGO tournaments. Sportsbooks take up a big percent of the internet’s list of businesses, but only a few of them are profitable. You have to be careful when choosing. For your convenience, pick one with multiple payment methods that allow Bitcoin, credit card or debit card, fiat currencies, bank transfers, and eWallets.

Step 2 – Understand The Game And The Tournament

You can only make accurate CSGO betting predictions if you know what is actually happening in the game. The format of the tournament, the meta, and the teams competing are the data you need to consider before deciding on the final bets you will stake. Make sure you also know the previous performances of the teams to execute a SWOT analysis before and during the game.

Step 3 – Track  and Trace Your Bets

Calculate the money you always wager before tracking your bets to avoid getting bankrupt and to keep track of your Bitcoin Wallet spendings. It can follow the equation: A x B = C. A stands as the betting odds for a certain game, B is the estimated success rate of your prediction, and C is the product of both. If the product you get every computation is greater than 1, you might win if you plan to bet in the long run. If it is smaller than 1, you lose. C is basically the mathematical data you need to focus on if you want to make sports betting profitable. In summary, track all the Bitcoins you have won and lost, record the results of all the sports you place a wager, and improve your system. As much as possible, try not to lose your capital. In this way, you’ll have more money to make CSGO predictions.