Crossfit Training Programs

Crossfit training programs have been around for roughly thirteen years now, and in that time they generated a massive amount of support and positive reviews. Created by Greg and Lauren Glassman, these fitness programs have soared to prominence and have been used in other 6,000 gyms across the United States alone!

What does it consist of?

The workout mix tends to be made up of aerobic exercise and body weight exercise to give you a fine mix. The idea is to create a high general balance throughout your system, and to have a great standard so that nothing is lagging behind in your fitness regimes. There is no good being able to lift a huge amount if you don’t have the stamina to do so!

As well as this, you also take in a series of skipping, jumping, sprinting, weight lifting, and rowing exercises! Of course, rowing is optional if you can actually get access to it, some of us are not quite so lucky. You get a workout of the day to monitor progress easier and also to create a more competitive spirit – you are recorded and ranked on your workout of the day.

How long does each exercise last for?

The exercise workouts tend to last roughly half an hour, so you cram quite a lot in over that time period!

What can help you do a Crossfit challenge?

One of the biggest additions you can add to your diet is fish oil. However, if you cannot stomach seafood then supplements become a very good addition! You can pick them up from health stores or dieticians as recommended by your doctor.

These tablets contain omega 3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation and improve cholesterol. As well as this, it helps prevent ulcers and improves bowel health and function. Overall, it will help you feel better in both your body and your mind!

This key source of extra nutrition and general improvement in your condition will go very well with your new Crossfit exercise regimes!

Crossfit training systems are renowned for their calorie burning power, and are known for burning more calories such is the intensity. An average woman of around 150 pounds could burn off 300 calories in half an hour of training! This is a lot of burning and can get you in great shape both physically and mentally in no time at all.

If you are looking for a hard going but effective training course, then look no further than the Crossfit training regime – you can find more about the actual regimes and pick up training courses across the internet in a variety of places. There is a lot more information on the program itself and the best training regimes on the Crossfit page and Wikipedia.


Feature Image Source: Debra Roby @ Flickr