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Planning to Put Up a Tuition Centres in Singapore? We’ve Got You Covered!

Taking pride as one of the most progressive nations in Asia, Singapore is such a tiny state but with a huge amount of success when it comes to their booming economy, efficient government and public transportation among

How to Choose the Best International Preschools in Singapore for Your Child

Singapore, although small in size, is a highly diverse country. You’d find a wide range of international schools for kids, each offering a multicultural learning environment for the little ones. You can be sure that regardless your

How to Choose Between Various International Schools in Singapore

So you’ve decided you’re enrolling your child in an international school.     In Singapore, international learning institutions abound. Some may be more popular than others. Some may be less heard about. Although it bears an impact,

3 Benefits of Joining Reading and Writing Programs

Summer is the perfect season to have a picnic, climb a mountain, play surfing, or do a movie marathon. It is the best time to relax and unwind. However, parents must not forget that excessive relaxation can

3 Benefits of Studying in an International School

When deciding which school to send your kids, his welfare and needs always top the list. Aside from these, there are other factors that you have to consider carefully and these include the school type, location, faculty

Advantages of Enrolling Kids in Singapore Preschools

As parent to a toddler, it’s natural to feel hesitant about sending them out on their own. This is also one reason you probably aren’t sure about them attending preschools in Singapore. First thing to keep in

Tricks to Make Math A Lot Easier

  If you want to get good grades in any subject, you have to put all your effort to learn and understand each lessons. Most students are having difficulty in math subject because of the formulas and

How to Check if Your Child is Ready for School

Children grow up so fast. One moment you’re teaching them how to say “mama” and the next thing you know, they’re ready to go to school. But how will you know if your child is really ready

What you need to know about Chemistry

Chemistry had been taken up with students in their school curriculum. Many of these students consider this subject as one of the hardest branch of science to learn. However, chemistry is more than what students think of

Fun Montessori Activities for Pre-schoolers

Whatever a child learn during preschool years will become a stepping-stone in learning bigger and more complicated things. Montessori in Singapore are filled with fun and educational activities to help every student learn while having fun. Activities