Bringing Out The Stress Free Look Through Eyebag Surgery in Singapore


Eye bags are a natural and common problem for a lot of people. It is like when you see a person with dark circles under their eyes, you could see all the stress they have been through. It makes people look tired, stressed and makes people look old. It is a natural thing and it happens to most people. Some of its causes are stress, deprivation of sleep, old age and even genes. These are some factors that cause eye bags to form for some people. Eye bags are a drag but because of science, it could be removed to get rid of the stressed looked people have.

Science has introduced eye bag surgeries for the world, and it’s common in Singapore. There are a lot of scarless eye bag removal surgeries available in Singapore. There are also non surgical eye bag removal ways for people afraid of going under the needle in Singapore. Because there are a lot of eye bag removal surgeries available out there, here some of the common surgeries available for the people.

  1. The Transcutaneous Approach

In this approach, the eye bag is removed through an external incision made just below the eyelashes. The term “Transcutaneous” means through the skin in which what this approach is all about. This approach is good for those people who have sagging skin under their eyes and the muscle that supports the lower eyelid. If done correctly, this approach will have no scars visible after the scar is fully healed, although some darkening may occur along the incision line.

This approach should be done by a surgeon who has a complete understanding of how the lower eyelid works for failure in the surgery may cause deformation of the eyelid.

  1. The Transconjunctival Approach.

This approach makes use of an incision made inside the eyelid to remove the excess fat that formed under the eyelid. This approach leaves no visible scar. Only surgeons who understand the functions of the delicate structures of the eyelid are able to perform this type of surgical approach.

Scarless eye bag removal surgeries are great for people who want to get rid of their pesky eye bags. But to make sure that the result of the eye bag removal surgery lasts, here are some factors that cause eye bags that people may want to avoid.

  • Lack of sleep

Not getting the daily dose of sleep will result to eye bags that will make someone look like a panda or a stressed person. Make sure to get enough sleep to avoid eye bags.

  • Saltiness and Alcohol

Too much salt in the body and alcohol will help in making your eyes look puffier than usual. This causes eye bags for they cause dehydration and the body responds by retaining fluid that causes swelling under the eyes.

This happens when there is discoloration under the eyes. Sun damage can also be a factor if this happens. Genetics may also be considered as a factor.

  • Sleeping with eye makeup

Eye makeup can irritate the eyes thus leading to dark circles forming under the eyes.

Now that some factors are known for causing eye bags, people now know what to avoid.

Eye bags can lower one’s self-esteem and it affects how he/she interacts with others. But thanks to science, eye bags will no longer be dragging anyone down.